whats you extreme foot fetish fantasy

  1. Im a girl here. I fantasize about dominating two men. Making them cum on my feet and licking each other’s cum off. Worshiping them. Making them cum in my gym socks and forcing them to chew my socks. I like dominating men and humiliation. I would to still my foot down someone’s throat until they gag as well.

  2. I’ve always wanted to be foot gagged with no mercy, just getting a foot pushed down my throat, gagged, she takes it out of my mouth, only to put it back in

  3. Putting my wife's foot between my legs and putting my cock inside her stocking so it's between her bare sole and the nylon.

  4. I'd love to be put in one of those smother boxes, gagged and have my girlfriend force me to smell her unwashed feet that have been to the gym, to work etc.

  5. I'm a female. Might be not too extreme but it is probably hard to achieve. I would love to have a simple foot fetish conversation with another couple. So it would be me, my bf, and another bf & gf couple.

  6. I love this, sitting sharing what makes us tick. Without judgement. Open honesty, thanks for sharing we all could use that in life. I'm open to sharing through private messages or a group.

  7. I fantasize that my gf/wife lock my cock up all week, when she comes home after her hotel job(she has been on her feet all day). She makes me worship her feet, eat her worn socks, eat her out and she uses me as her sex toy without regard for my pleasure. Then at end of night she ballbust me and ties me up on bed while she sleeps.

  8. I’d love to watch my girl fully dominate another guy with her stinky socks and feet. I love the thought of seeing her sweaty socks and feet on someone else’s face and I’d like to see her jerk someone off while they’re smelling her feet and she says humiliating words to them. That’s a big fantasy of mine but would never happen irl

  9. There is always hope brother! Communicate what you want with her and see where it goes, you may just get lucky and be able to watch the show!

  10. Cnc foot worship! I want my gf to get her feet as sweaty as possible, maybe multiple long days with going to the gym in a row with no shower and the same pair of socks for a week or two, and I want her feet to smell so bad and be so slimy with sweat that I'm disgusted even through my extreme fetish, but I want to be tied down so I can't get away and she would torture me by making me smell her sweaty feet for an hour, and then make me lick them clean, all while laughing at my disgust and discomfort and squirms to get away, and she would tease my cock and slap my balls around to keep me obedient and smelling/licking her feet against my will! Thats the dream for me, I want to be forced to endure the most intense smelly, sweaty feet possible and I want them on my face for hours while being bound and taunted by her and some of her close girl friends who would also torture me with their feet!

  11. my wildest fantasy has been same from last many years but isn't fulfilled yet. i like to be at women's feet while she piss and spit in a bowl of fruits and make me eat from that bowl with her feets and while doing so i would love if she would be abusing me with degrading words and sentences. I wish i could do that some day

  12. I’ve always wanted to suck a girls toes and enjoy her feet while her husband or boyfriend watches. Bonus points If I’m enjoying them while I fill her pussy but not necessary.

  13. To me, having other people watch is sort of the ultimate in committing to your fetish. You are basically asserting that yes, you're seeing correctly, I'm sitting at this girls feet and getting super turned on by sucking her toes and painting her nails or watching her try on shoes, etc. Not that you should ever force anyone to witness you doing anything sexual, but it's still a good fantasy

  14. I'd love to be made a foot slave and stepped on by 3 or 4 women at once. Also be made to worship their feet while they take turns pegging me. I would even entertain the idea of getting with an attractive couple and be her foot slave and made to worship her while her husband fucks me. Complete submission to women and being at their feet is a huge turn on for me and that's about as submissive as you can get. I'm not really into guys but I'd definitely give this a try

  15. Worshipping some dirty feet after they been barefoot for a while, and im talking jet black soles. That or massaging them or receiving a dirty foot job

  16. I've frequently fantasized about my wife bringing several of her friends, coworkers, her sister, etc (or any combination of the above) to our house late in the evening. All of them wearing old shoes that they've had for years, and have had on all day. In this fantasy, I'm cuffed or otherwise restrained and my fetish taken advantage of as I'm forced to smell, lick clean, and massage all of their feet for hours as they watch movies, gossip, etc etc.

  17. I totally agree with you: I'd want my gf to out me to her friends and one day they treat me like their footslave making me worship their feet and wait on them. Then just randomly would make fun of me afterwards or try and tease/humiliate me. But just a fantasy I wouldn't really want it to be out to her friends.

  18. Girl here.. I’d love to have a foot party with other sexy girls with nice feet where we tease guys with our feet but they can’t touch. The guys are tied up and have to beg to lick and smell our feet. Then we untie one hand for them to massage our feet for hours. Ugh sounds like fucking heaven

  19. I guess mine isn’t extreme but I want to share her feet with another man while I watch or join. Just her feet though, not full on cuckold. Idk how she’s feel if I brought it up but maybe one day

  20. I have the same fantasy I would love to watch my wife having her feed worshiped and fucked by 12 or three guys would love to stroke my cock watching them take turns fucking her feet at all jacking off on them at the same time. I have met up with other guys who were local and turned on by my wife’s feet and shoes and then we shut off our wives and let them jack off in her heels and flies so it’s almost happened

  21. Mine's a dominant one. I wanna take full control of my girl's feet for a couple of days and have my way with them. Cut and rip her socks off her feet, one pair at a time, having her beg to leave her at least one pair as I mercilessly destroy them until she has none left, forced to be sockless from now on. Then lick her feet, suck her toes, make her enjoy it until she gets horny enough to beg for sex.

  22. I want to always be having to smell my partner’s dirty socks, whether that be underneath a mask when out, when being smothered just after they get home from a workout or smtg, in a smother box filled up with dirty socks, whatever. I also would want to have to worship their feet all the time as well as sniff their shoes. I would only ever be able to smell their feet-

  23. Mine isn't extreme but it 100% would involve tickling.😍 just having 3 pairs of feet locked in stocks. One pair of feet are close together the other they are spread apart and the last the toes are facing down so she would be on her stomach if that makes sense. They would all be able to be toe tied if I please. Basically I just tickle which ever pair of feet I choose and mix in some kissing, licking, and toe sucking! Ugh a dream! 🤤

  24. I love the idea of a girl putting her foot in my mouth and starts peeing with her leg in the right angle so that I get all of it into my mouth 😅 that's probably the kindest thing involving feet. Or maybe it's being "forced" to lick another man's cum off ger feet 🤤

  25. Cuckold type stuff, being made to lick an alpha males feet because my dom said so, even though I'm straight...them both laughing and mocking me. Not really into forced bi, but I can see how the humiliation side of it is very arousing.

  26. I’ve been fantasizing of joining a couple and sucking the girl’s toes while she gets fucked by her partner. The craziest the fucking, the better! Then, the fantasy involves him cumming on the girl’s feet and me licking them clean!

  27. I've always dreamed of worshiping two or more girls who have bigger feet than me at the same time. Being forced to wear their shoes while they laugh at me and make me lick their bigger feet.

  28. For the most part I have lived mine, tied up, blindfolded in a chair, forced to lick, sniff and then cum on a pair of Gym feet.

  29. Kissing my gf’s foot together with her, while she’s self-worshipping. It is extreme because she cannot stretch that much lol.

  30. Same boat but sister in law instead 🥵🥵 top 3 most gorgeous women I've ever seen. After a concert one summer she switched from her boots to sandals and oit was like 105 at the concert and her feet were sweating like crazy and she forgot her socks in my truck. I smelled them for weeks lol🤤🤤🤤. Also our sitter has incredibly gorgeous feet. I actually have rubbed them several times but damn I wanna worship them so bad.

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