Little peak under my hood, nothing too special. Coolant reservoir, blow off valve, catch can and cold air.

  1. Ok this is going to be a stupid question but what's the difference between a cold air and the stock? They are both enclosed and pull air through the same path?

  2. metal intake tubing let’s the turbo sounds echo and escape a bit more. some folks, including me, enjoy the look of an aftermarket intake over the plastic oem airbox/tube as well.

  3. I couldn't say for sure, I bought the car with the modifications. That being said it does sound considerably more aggressive than the stock intake. I'm pretty certain you get a little bit of horse power but I haven't dynod this so I couldn't say.

  4. Everyone who says sounds has no idea what they are talking about, a good aftermarket intake will reduce intake temps. Colder air = better

  5. the cold air box is usually gutted and has larger openings that will run through the fender down low and sometimes below the fender.

  6. I also have the same reservoir in black. Tbh only got it as engine dress up, the stock tank was starting to yellow. And I had some points on mishimotos website

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