Grill cutout

  1. i ended up covering the side Triangles back up because it allows air to go past the radiator and makes the cooling less efficient

  2. I already cut the middle out a while ago and just now removed the 2 side vents. 13, 14 are the best years and you can’t change my mind

  3. Looking good!! How bad was the crash bar to install? I've watched the YouTube videos, seems like you gotta get pretty deep into the car. Was it easy keeping track of all the stuff as you took it off? Any secrets or tips to make the next guys life easier when they install one?? Car looks sick man!!!

  4. Thank you!! The crash bar itself is easy to install if you just remove everything that you take off and just throw the bumper back on like I did Lol. Every comes off pretty easy and fast but You do have to go pretty deep and it’s 3 hour job. I also installed the inner cooler at the same time to save time. Your going to get an engine code for the grill shutters but I don’t know if that shows a light on the dash. I have misfires on idle due to a bsd so I couldn’t tell you Lol. Also if you want to do your grill how I did mine the easiest thing to do is to take the grill and use a sander and sand down the back of the grill and it will make it flush with the grill for a nice fished look. The outsides parts are super thick.

  5. I'd like to use a diff mesh in my grille. Like a stainless wiggle mesh like you'd see on a Bentley R. And open up the lower areas as well while using the RS brake air diverters. Have you thought about using a different screening? That looks very nice by the way

  6. I’ve actually never though about that but that a good idea. That would look good as hell. I don’t know how I would do it or if they make anything for that but I would be a buyer. And thank you

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