anything she can’t do?

  1. Id say that the newer V6 Camrys are about as rare as an ST on the road. Never had one try to race me. At least in my area. They do have a better power to weight ratio than an ST stock for stock. You would have to get the ST down to 3k in weight or pump the power to 270hp to match it.

  2. curt makes a hitch that’s designed to work with the exhaust. fits perfect and the exhaust drops about a quarter to a half inch with spacers to fit hitch above the exhaust

  3. This is literally my dream, wasn’t sure if a wave runner was at the limit as I’ve seen people with like one dirt bike, but I know the UK regular focus is rated for a few thousand pounds so you gotta assume the ST is solid, at least that’s what I’ve heard. But you have TWO so now I know I’m good for sure!

  4. idk i’ve read anything from 1-2k lbs. it pulls these no problem. only pull the skis with the ST every once in a while

  5. That's awesome! Any idea how much your setup weighs? How far have you towed with it? I've been thinking about pulling an ultralight teardrop trailer with mine, but all I've hauled so far is trash to the dump on my harbor freight utility trailer

  6. weighs about 1k lbs. this weekend i towed them 4 hours to go camp and boat. had absolutely no issues. a teardrop camper you won’t even notice that you’re pulling it

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