Yamaha Tenere clutch problem

  1. you can see where the problem is if you look at the excessive gap between the first and second plates at the back of the basket in the picture. Looks like you dont have the plates in properly or the inner basket is not aligned with the pressure plate at the back

  2. If the plates don't fit into the clutch basket, they're probably for a different bike or they were just made wrong.

  3. NO! I'm not sure what the problem is, but exerting specific pressure is never the answer in a clutch basket (aside from about 10nm torque on the pressure plate bolts).

  4. Yeah, the registration date was in early 1992. You are all right with the clearance between the plates.

  5. looking at the parts fiche you should have 2 friction plates that are different to the rest of the clutch pack. The steel plates should all the the same.

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