Moronic Monday - Your weekly stupid questions thread

  1. Does anyone know if cardio can raise your basal metabolic rate at all? i.e., beyond what you'd expect to burn doing say an hour of cardio? Beit you do it consistently enough

  2. You probably didn’t build much muscle and that beefier look was you getting fatter from overestimating calories when muscle building.

  3. Does anyone know the reason for a pinching feeling when trying to relax a muscle after a set? It's most notable in my lats when finishing a pull up type set or deadlifts but it doesn't happen during bent over rows and Google just leads me to DOMS but I'm for sure not talking about that

  4. I’ve just gotten into PPL and was having some minor back pain all over my back, upper mid lower, especially when I sit and bend over, etc. is this something I should be worried about or is this my posture correcting itself? I will say I stick to very good form in my exercises and haven’t really lifted consistently before this.

  5. Hard to say from such a vague description, but muscle stiffness and soreness post exercise is very common and nothing to worry about even if it is "back pain." In general if you are comprising your spine it will be like a 8 or 9 out of ten on the pain scale and not a minor discomfort.

  6. I just had my baby boy and gained a LOT of weight during pregnancy. I was rather fit beforehand. Anyway, a dumb question just occurred to me, as I’ve mad very little progress on getting strict pull-ups back:

  7. Pecs is one muscle, so count it as one thing. Incline bench and bench are both chest. Also, don't overanalyze. See what volume works for you.

  8. Have supplement prices gone up significantly over the past 6 months? My last purchase was October 2021, bought my usual protein powder and creatine from iHerb. Then the gyms were closed in Hong Kong since Jan due to COVID restriction, so I haven't checked the prices since then. Gyms have now reopened so time to stock up, and HOLY CRAP, price of 1000g creatine has gone up by 50 USD. WTF? That's a 400% increase. Is it just iHerb or is it everywhere?

  9. It’s most likely a few things. Just having a weak chest since you’re just starting out. Grip and wrist strength isn’t really there just yet. Possibly weak shoulders. Give it time and start slow.

  10. How do I want to setup my workout when I want to make an attempt on a max lift? Let's say for deadlift how much do I want to warm up and at what intensity?

  11. Treat every warmup set like it’s your real top set. My deadlift warmup will be different to you but I usually go up in 40kg increments then decrease it as I get closer to my working sets

  12. Does weighted stretching have more impact on muscle hypertrophy than just focusing on your eccentric movement for each rep while lifting?

  13. Bench what you can, eat enough, and after a few weeks you will suddenly start your workout and realize you can bench 100

  14. Ever since I started working out my shoulders have been really hard to connect with. The day after push day, my chest is sore and my triceps are sore, but my shoulders are perfectly fine, especially the lateral delts. I feel it pretty good while I’m training them but am never sore from it. Wondering if this is a problem and if so how to fix it?

  15. started an antidepressant recently (zoloft) and wonder how it’ll effect my strength and if i can still take pre here’s to still getting better i guess tho

  16. it really depends on the antidepressant but from my experience (Buproprion/Wellbutrin) it made it hard to get in the gym but once I was there on a routine it wasn’t as bad. You could try pre I think and be fine, but overall I think my issue was getting to the gym as opposed to my performance in it.

  17. So about a week ago I was doing lunges and I felt pain in my left outer thigh. I simply switched to squats and moved on. But the pain has been getting worse. I’ve foam rolled, massaged, etc. yesterday I failed a workout, I was doing burpees and could not get up. I simply couldn’t press through my left thigh. I’m sitting here with an ice pack on my leg, and my doctor is offering me muscle relaxers. The pain is a tightness, like a fist on the outside of my leg half way between my hip and knee.

  18. Ik missing workouts sucks so much but it’s best to wait until your leg gets better before you train it again. You don’t want to injure yourself even more. What prognosis did your doctor give you?

  19. bulgarian split lunges and leg extension machine (and squats to a lesser extent) always make me out of super out of breath, like i just did a sprint... Am i not breathing correctly? Anyone experience this with this? It's specifically these exercises that seem to all be working out my quads/hamstrings?

  20. No offense, your conditioning probably sucks. Walk ~3-5 miles a day. In addition, each week get a couple light cardio sessions (15-30 min of riding a bike at a comfortable pace for example) and a couple hard cardio sessions (biking at a pace where you’re breathing heavy for 15-30 minutes, or something that gets your blood pumping and breathing hard like pickup basketball, sprints, etc)

  21. (1) Your back is behind you so it’s hard to see lol. Your chest, arms, shoulders, quads, etc are all easy to see so just seeing them more often may make their growth feel more real because it’s just available for your eyes to see

  22. Neither hack squats nor dumbbell lunges hit the posterior chain (upper back, spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings) even close to the degree that deadlifts do.

  23. Push-ups are chest and triceps. Do various push-up types instead (diamonds, insides) and tricep / chest accessories (dips, chest flies). You’ll see progress much faster if you support those muscles

  24. Do protein farts mean i am eating enough protein? Ever since i started bulking and drinking protein shakes, my farts are horrible. Is this a sign that i am eating sufficient protein?

  25. not a good sign. i never get protein farts even though i overeat protein. and some people will get protein farts if they even look at a chicken breast

  26. I definitely get that it feels good to keep some movement going on your off days. My suggestion is to make those active recovery days. Take walks or jogs, do mobility work, yoga, stuff like that. Cardio is great but if you haven’t been doing a lot of it previously ramp up slowly and see how you feel. Be mindful of letting yourself recover too.

  27. At best you would somehow just make more gains, which is actually likely because newbies can just pile on more volume and need so little recovery time in general.

  28. I don't think that's doing what you think it's doing. But I don't know for sure. All I do know is that I've got no clue how people exercise in regular masks in general because I absolutely get much more out of breath and light headed in a mask. Is this beneficial to me? I don't think so, probably just breathing in more CO2.

  29. I can't see what this could possibly be training other than diaphragm strength which isn't going to help you recover from covid.

  30. Noob question here. So I just recently enrolled in a nearby gym, and as part of the enrollment I got 3 free sessions with a PT. The first session went ok, the PT took my measurements and set a goal of fat loss with me, and we did fully body circuits and cardio to end the session. In the second session however, he made me go straight to lifting without any proper warm-up or stretching, and we did chest press, chest flys and shoulder press for the first 30 mins of the session. For the second 30 min half of the session, he just made me run on the treadmill and then proceeded to have a session with another client. He apologized saying that there was a scheduling conflict, but I couldn't help but think that I could have gotten a better workout out of that session. We have not done yet the 3rd session. I was thinking of availing a PT package, but considering this, I'm having second thoughts. Is what happened a red flag that I should not book any more sessions with him? Thank you

  31. Gym PT's are always a bit dubious to be honest. A good PT sets you up so eventually you don't need them and you can workout on your own. Now obviously thats bad for the PT business so a lot of the times they over complicate things and make you feel like youre dependent on them.

  32. I go to the gym most days, but miss days every few weeks for various reasons. Noticed a pattern where I usually feel exhausted the day after I've had one of these spontaneous rest days, which seems pretty counter-intuitive. What gives? Are there any physiological explanations for why I experience this? My sleep quality is generally bad, but I don't think it gets affected much by me working out or not

  33. Exercise generally has a tonic effect on your energy levels. It boosts your metabolic rate which gives you the perception of feeling alert and energetic.

  34. i havent been to the gym for 2 weeks, do i train all body for a couple of days or do i just do what i was doing (train 1 muscle a day)

  35. If you are an experienced or an intermediate lifter then resuming your old routine would be good. But don't go all out during first few workouts like u did before the break. But if u feel like hitting whole body workout then that too is fine but again not too much Intensity for 2 or 3 days and u will start feeling better again.

  36. I would lose weight. You'll be able to gain plenty of strength and a bit of muscle while losing fat, given your current body composition.

  37. Yes, they are good. But you could do si per things like star jumps or skip rope which could help you maintain a sustained effort for a longer time

  38. Probably not, if you can't even do 1 burpee correctly then it's out of your realm of capability. You should focus on less intense movements like cycling/fast paced walks as just about anything will help you improve if you are very out of shape.

  39. I get nervous when someone asks to share the deadlift station with me. I get really out of breath and light-headed after a heavy set so I need to rest against the rack for a couple minutes. But if I'm sharing it with someone, I have to help change the weights on the ground right after my set and it just makes me feel like throwing up or collapsing particularly when they lift much heavier weights than me. How do I get better at this?

  40. why is pull-ups has always been a good lats exercise but when it comes to lat pulldowns, people say it’s more upper back because of the line of pull or something and if we wants lats, we are better off with a single arm pulldown

  41. Because people can't leave their ego at the door and fuck up the pulldowns by leaning back a lot and making it more similar to a rowing movement. Can't cheat as much with a single arm pulldown

  42. How come muscles get sore when lifting after about a week off? At least this happens to me, and it's most noticeable on legs.

  43. I'm looking for the easiest workout program that would also help me get in shape. I am fairly lean and can loose fat of i am just careful with sweets and alcohol.

  44. I'd give it at least an hour 3 times a week. 60 minutes a week is going to give you pretty shit results, even more so if you only do it 10 at a time

  45. Time limits are kind of pointless… it’s the amount of work (sets x reps) and intensity that counts. 2 compounds for 5 sets can work, but you’d have to be more specific of how many reps and at how heavy you’d be lifting.

  46. Look ant the programs in the wiki. You'll make better progress with any program there than what a beginner can come up with on their own.

  47. It depends on your definition of "decent shape" of course, but 10 minutes a day is going to do very little. You can't expect much in the way of results if you're looking to spend as little time and effort as possible.

  48. I do intense boxing 1h workout x3 times a week and I lift 3 times. My cal intake is -300 and it is still very slow progress. I used to be an athlete but took a 4 year break, pretty much got all my muscles back but it is so slow to lose last 3-5% of fat. I also walk 5kms daily. Any tips?

  49. i’ve always had problems getting into a flat DB bench and i always feel like i can’t retract my scapula as well as i can in an incline. i’ve tried to put the bench in a slight decline to see how it plays out but still the same problem. i’m thinking of starting to DB bench in a 15° incline instead since it easier to arch and retract my scapulas. however, since i’ve always felt like my lower chest is lacking, would benching in a slight incline take the tension away from the lower portion of the chest significantly?

  50. Never heard of a scapula retraction problem, but yeah if the incline helps by all means go for it. If you are concerned about lower pec development I highly encourage you add dips into your programming

  51. i have been playing badminton for a 1.5 hours intensely 3-4 times a week along with a push pull legs program i’m following. i realized ever since i started badminton i seem to be a little underrecovered in the gym with some regress in lifts and not as energetic. i was wondering if i can make up to that by taking afternoon naps for 1-2 hours to help in recovery, or should i eat more, play less intensely, or quit badminton all together?

  52. Badminton is great! In general I read that it might be helpful to give yourself about 6h between different activities (so e.g. lift in the morning, bad in the evening) so that one does not impact the other that much. You probably also need to eat more, 4-6 hours of badminton a week is quite a lot. Make sure that you get good quality sleep at night. When I used to play badminton I noticed that I needed more sleep, so if you can't sleep long enough at night naps might be a good idea.

  53. If you love playing badminton then dont quit! Fine a way to balance both hobbies. Unless you want to be Mr Olympia, weightlifting shouldnt be the only thing you do.

  54. What's some good ways to increase wrist size, sometimes when I do an exercise my wrists hurt, and I don't feel enough tension / burn in certain exercises. (Mainly biceps) I feel this is impeding my progress. I read in some place's wrist size can impact certain weight pulls and hold you back. I'm a naturally lean 16M that's lean bulking.

  55. I suspect form & going too heavy is why this is happening but to answer your question directly: Incorporating deadlifts into your programming should stimulate your forearm and grip development plenty. If you want those areas to strengthen rapidly Farmer's Walk/Carry will be your best friend.

  56. Are you following an actual program? It will make progression far more simpler when you are still at a linear progression stage. I know you said a Upper/Lower split but unless you have set progression and what do to when you fail you will have a more difficult time rather then a routine where everything is laid out for you. At 85lbs 3x8 I would also be working in different rep ranges as well.

  57. More rest would definitely help on big compound movements. As for progression, if you're sleeping well, eating well, not in a bad mental state, just follow a program how it's written and you should see some progression. Post a form check as that may be a problem too.

  58. 5'8", 180lb male here about to enter the fourth week of my cut. I've been following Wendlers Boring But Big program for 11 cycles now, so nearly a year. I've seen big gains in some lifts (+75lbs deadlift to 405lbs, +100lbs squat to 300lbs) and smaller gains in others (+15lbs to OHP to 135lbs, +10lbs to bench to 185lbs). Despite seeing good gains I'm kind of disappointed by the lack of physical gains that I'd hope to see at this point. Physically I don't look much different than a year ago; pecs are a little bigger and shoulders a little broader but I'm not as big as I thought I would be with the progress in lifting I made and the 6 month bulk I came out of (started at 160lbs to 185lbs).

  59. On how big surplus you were when bulking? If you were dirty bulking then you get more fat which means you have to go on a cut sooner so less time building muscle, lean bulk is more resonable. But its only based on my assumption.

  60. I see you're on the fourth week of your cut. What was your diet like before this? IIRC BBB requires you to be eating appropriately and so is best used with a bulk. Perhaps this could be why you weren't making as much physical progress? Congrats on the lift gains though.

  61. BBB & 5/3/1 are great strength program and some people on this subreddit will poo their pants hearing this but... more volume & accessories will get you the gains you are looking for.

  62. What is the point in lifting? Maybe I'm having an existential gym crisis or something but after training for awhile, I feel sore and unsatisfied with my lifts. Gym has become my life. What am I?

  63. Coming from someone who just started 4 weeks ago after a ~ 8 year break, it has made me happier and less prone to anxiousness/irritability. So that alone is worth it. But I'm also hoping to become healthier and look better.

  64. Mental and emotional decompression, functional strength, an enhanced aesthetic which has obvious benefits with the opposite sex and subconsciously demands more respect from other men.

  65. So when I am counting my protein intact should I count the protein I had before my workout? I always assumed that eating a lot of protein before a workout isnt as effective so I try to eat most of it after I lift

  66. Sure itll work isometrically to keep your arm from moving backwards. It's not a problem unless it's getting fatigued before the triceps

  67. If I can go heavier on a squat but can’t really go as deep, should I just stick to a lower weight or is that still beneficial?

  68. Better bang for your buck to use a lighter weight for a full range of motion, plus its just less stress on your joints and CNS not to mention less of a chance of some kind of catastrophic failure.

  69. Depends on your goals, training full range of motion is usually ideal aslong as you have the mobility to do so with good form, if you don’t go as deep your not going to get any stronger in that lower portion of your squat, I don’t squat ass to grass because I don’t have the mobility to do so safely ( butt wink), but you pretty much always want to be able to bring your hips past parallel with your knees.

  70. Sorry everyone is giving you the advice you already know (I.E. the caloric deficit). More appropriately, you need to get your thyroid in place before you can expect anything to happen. Without that it's all for nothing. On the bright side if you are maintaining a deficit and working out and aren't GAINING weight, then I'd call that a win until you get the meds sorted out. Lastly, I'd highly suggest you talk with your doctor, not Reddit.

  71. Perhaps you haven't accurately calculated their BMR/aren't tracking TDEE correctly due to your thyroid condition (I'm not familiar, forgive me). It is just CICO, but when you know the CI but not the CO, it easily gets messed up.

  72. Would shadowboxing before a workout (calisthenics/weights) be a good warm-up? Would I need to add much else? (I'm lazy)

  73. Shadowboxing before a workout doesn't sound particularly helpful in terms of preparing you to lift weights. It probably doesn't hurt though.

  74. Anyone else lift high? I started lifting high a few months ago after I tweaked my mibula, I stopped hitting that leg for a while but it still hurt so I had a few hits off a cart before I worked out to dull the pain. After it healed I just kinda kept smoking and it's to the point where I smoke 2 blunts in a workout but it's so damn fun. It makes the mind muscle connection absolutely insane and I think the high kinda dulls the lactic acid pain because I can push well past the point of pain when I do it. Anyone else like to smoke while working out?

  75. Right here. It's not a popular approach on this sub, but I find it provides unprecedented mind-muscle connection and control, and transforms exertion into a pleasurable sensation so every lift is a pleasure (sometimes euphorically so). It's like playing puppet master with your own body, free to decide to ignore the cost in tiredness or exertion of any lift.

  76. Is it possible for you to get stronger (in terms of lifting weights) on deficit? I'm on a cut, and I'm still getting stronger. Is this because of my technique or more muscle? Or am I not eating at deficit?

  77. Yes. People greatly exaggerate the amount of muscle loss that occurs on a cut. If you don’t cut too quickly and you’re not cutting down to the level of fat needed for bodybuilding competition, you shouldn’t lose much strength at all.

  78. Only way to know you’re eating at a deficit is if the number on the scale is going down. Yes it’s possible to get stronger while cutting, especially if you’re a beginner, overweight, or both

  79. If I'm on a 400 calorie surplus bulk and I burn 500 calories on aerobics, will I still put muscle on while burning the fat I have stored?

  80. If you eat 400 over maintenance, then add exercise of 500 burned, you are in a deficit. You might still gain a little muscle but not optimal

  81. 25f 188 pounds 5’2 very new to working out in a gym (I’m talking I’ve gone twice since getting my membership 5 days ago)

  82. If you're new, try to plan a 30 minute workout, 15 min cardio. 30 min is plenty for weights, and 15 is a good starting point for cardio.

  83. It's not weird but it doesn't happen to everyone. If you take a lot of caffeine before you work out it can cause you to poop.

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