Found these in the intestines of an Oyster Cracker. If not in the meat is it safe to eat?

  1. I have another question. I caught two of the same fish and the first one seemed very clean and healthy. After gutting the second one I put it back in the cooler for the drive home with the other one. Would it being in the cooler with the other one be an issue. If this sounds dumb I understand but I haven’t had to deal with something like this yet.

  2. Parasites are a natural occurrence, not contamination. They are as common in fish as insects are in fruits and vegetables. Parasites do not present a health concern in thoroughly cooked fish. Parasites become a concern when consumers eat raw or lightly preserved fish such as sashimi, sushi, ceviche, and gravlax.

  3. Right. To an extent, parasites are just a natural consequence of the fact you caught a wild animal. Working with "real" food (vegetables, fruit, meat, etc.) is rarely going to be a clean experience. We expect our food to be sterile and pure because we get most of it from supermarkets that do a lot of prep work to make it seem like it should be that way, but fishermen, hunters, and farmers/gardeners learn quickly that food doesn't come that way out of the box.

  4. I was told by a fellow fisherman that if it’s not in the meat, it should be okay. But I’m getting a lot of don’t eat it.

  5. To everyone that took the time and actually answered my question, thank you! Today was my first time having a successful saltwater fishing trip. I have never seen stuff like this before and was asking a genuine question. I’ll inspect the meat tomorrow and make my decision then.

  6. Yes, just don’t eat the intestines. The infective stage of tapeworms like this are the cysts that live in the flesh of fish. This fish ate a fish containing those cysts, and they developed into adults in his guts. Adult worms like this aren’t the infective stage (although you definitely still shouldn’t eat them, the worm is harmless but it contains eggs and consuming tapeworm eggs will cause you some serious health issues because mammals like use aren’t suppost to be the egg-eating lifecycle stage, so they will go haywire).

  7. Thanks for actually answering. I hooked the fish deep in its throat so I dispatched it and kept it in the cooler. Before I left I gutted this one and another that I had. If I really decide not to eat it I can bury it under our tree in our property. Return it back to nature if I must.

  8. I’m being for real. I didn’t know if there were fisherman on here that have seen something like this, cleaned the fish, and didn’t see any in the meat and eat it. I’d hate to waste the fish.

  9. Very small group is trolling people. The fishing subreddit is one of the more healthy in terms of education and communication but of course there’s always the few that wanna be a useless waste of space.

  10. Gulf of Mexico USA coastline fisheries from Dauphin Island AL to Brownville, TX has spaghetti worms in drum species, seatrout up to 60% of the population.

  11. It's still safe, just cook it well and clean up your station well aswell. If there are a bunch of worms in the meat, I'd toss it just because I don't think I'd be capable of eating the food I know had a bunch of parasites in it.

  12. I’ve been fishing for decades and never heard of a fish nicknamed an oyster cracker. Had to google it and came up with an oyster toadfish. It’s one gnarly looking fish with a face only its mother could love.

  13. There is a dog turd on your plate next to your sandwich after someone handed you the plate. The turd isn’t touching your sandwich, but you don’t know how it got there. Eating that sandwich?

  14. If you've eaten fish you've eaten worms, that's why you cook it, I don't mind small worms but things like Tapioca disease turns my guts, couldn't eat it if I tried

  15. Just make sure you cook it thoroughly and wash your hands and equipment very well. You don’t want to accidentally ingest any eggs. The eggs are far too small to see

  16. I see these posts a lot, if you literally are desperate to eat and need sustenance, sure try your luck. Otherwise why risk it? If you have to ask, always err on the side of caution..

  17. I'm at a loss here. Wouldn't an oyster cracker leave a bit of sodium and cracker crumbs? What is that shit anyway?

  18. Once I kept a worm I found in a salmon alive in a jar of water for over a month by feeding it tiny scraps of salmon. Eventually it died when the water fouled too much.

  19. I don’t know a thing about oysters or fishing or whatever it is you’re doing but PLEASE DON’T EAT THAT.

  20. Lots of freshwater fish have Tapeworms and Flukes parasites. I wouldn't eat it or any other fish that you caught in that area . Just saying best to you

  21. Depends did you sea a redhead woman or interact with bananas on the same day both are bad luck. Bananas were in the ice chest and we had a bad day only skipjack

  22. Some probably would. But this was a genuine question. I know for a fact that with some parasites you can eat the fish if nothing is in the meat. I’ve never seen something like these so that the reason for the question.

  23. parasites are fairly common in fish afaik. thats why fish used for sushi is flash frozen before it is prepared and sushified. i believe in japan they don’t even freeze it sometimes. not sure though. personally i would have no desire to eat raw fish that hasn’t been flash frozen. i imagine you’d be cooking it though. which would kill the parasites.

  24. If you're concerned about worms in fish fillets you can do what is called candling, where a bright light is placed under glass and then the filled is placed on it allowing the fillet to become opaque. You can see any worms and cut them out. Trust me, all fish have worms. People who eat sushi definitely haven't cleaned dish.

  25. Just fillet your fish....I never gut em. Just put the fish on ice. Till they are stiff ,fillet , throw the rest out.

  26. Dude in oyster crackers that’s a delicacy. You need to fry that shit on butter and slurp it down like noodles. The slurpier the better! Make some noise. Make sure to get all those noodles. They are the tastiest.

  27. This is all sarcasm if you are talking a real fish that you call an Oyster Cracker. Which would be a fish I’ve never heard of.

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