How old were you when you bought your first home?

  1. I am 31 now. I paid 165k in 2017. I wouldn’t be able to afford this today, but God am I glad to only be paying 1200 a month for shelter. Hoping to knock off pmi this year.

  2. 24, in 2005. Was foreclosed on in 2008. After a long road I bought again in 2020 at 39 and consider myself a second-time FTHB.

  3. I'm 32 and my husband is 34. We just closed in May! I thought we were "behind" but I think that's just how it is for us millennials (having graduated into a recession, many of us duped into student loans).

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  5. Single and just bought too! Have you introduced yourself to your neighbors at all? Mine haven’t said much and I’m kind of nervous to just introduce myself to the unknown old guy next door and the unknown family on the other side.

  6. I got an FHA too and really wish I had gone with a conventional :( can I ask how much you pay/paid in MIP, and are you still paying it?

  7. 23, this year, in Europe. Bought with my s/o (23M), a century house that needs renovating in a village that's in the middle of nowhere.

  8. I’m 24 & I haven’t bought yet, but my sisters were 29 & 33 when they bought homes last year. I have three other siblings who are 36-38 and none have bought a home yet. The average age of first time homeownership last year was 33, but I still feel like I’m so behind because I hate renting.

  9. I’m 32 and I’m not quite sure at what age I started to feel so behind, but I wanted to tell you that feeling is normal even when it’s not true. You see your friends (maybe in a few more years for you) all buying houses, getting married, having babies and their second babies and you’ll feel like what are you doing wrong. The biggest thief of joy is comparing your timeline to others. Don’t rush it. My fiancé (33) and I just moved into our first home almost three weeks ago and this house is a dream home I would have never imagined owning if we had purchased something in the last 5 years. I would constantly see my friends FB posts and wonder when it was my turn to finally “be an adult” with owning a home. The fact that you’re already so conscious of buying a home at 24 is fantastic! Wish you all the best on this journey!

  10. I was the opposite. I liked renting. Disposal not working? Call the office. Refrigerator died? Call the office. Water leak in the ceiling? Call the office - it’ll be repaired by the end of next week.

  11. Just keep adding to that down payment in the mean time bro. I think the right time will come soon. Prices are still dropping consistently

  12. Exactly the same as me (36) and husband (37) closed July 2021. We had been saving for 13+ years because we bought in a VHCOL (SF Bay Area) and had 20% down.

  13. 32. Didn't think it would ever happen for me, honestly. I mean, I know I'm still relatively young for a homeowner nowadays, but it wasn't even something I thought was a possibility until the beginning of the year. Still feels super weird.

  14. child, i brought my first home at 38 last year. my childs father brought his coop last year also, and hes a year older than me. you're ready when you're ready.

  15. 24 in 2005. Wife and I got married on a beach with only our parents, ring or any of that Money went toward a down payment (she still doesn’t have a diamond haha), and we got married after we bought the house and went on honeymoon before we got married (cruise ticket deal). So yeah.

  16. 22&23 March 2022. Older siblings 26&29 still renting (all of us are in south fl) for $100-200 more than our mortgage and we have more space and a huge backyard

  17. 2021 at 23. Thanks to some luck, a big chunk of savings from wedding gifts, and a brother in law for a real estate agent who was nice enough to help us out with closing costs.

  18. 26. I lost my job during the housing recession and decided home would be the one stable thing that’s within my control. I saved every penny and bought a few years later. It’s in NYC so prices didnt drop much but it was a good place to put my money and have zero regrets!

  19. 26, but the disclaimer is that I was able to get the down payment gifted to me by my parents. I would not have been able to without their help, and if I had to try in todays market there would be no way.

  20. Depends on where you live. In HCOL areas, most people are in their 30s when they’re finally able to buy (unless they have serious family money).

  21. Yup! This is what I said and got downvoted for it. It’s the truth, not sure why people get so triggered when I say that if you’re younger than 30 you most likely did not buy in CA. The age you buy and the state you buy in are highly correlated. I’ve known people who are well off and even they couldn’t afford with family help in their 20s, you have to have serious money! ( or maybe you bought 12 years ago as did my cousin, she bought a home for $112k but it was a fixer upper and she struggled a lot financially but it paid off for her, it’s not easy here in CA, working hard isn’t enough)

  22. 45 but we paid for IVF and my husband started his own business prior both of which put buying a house in a hcol area out of each for a time but totally worth it.

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