Cops are still harassing woman who ran into Uvalde to rescue her children

  1. Because the tyrants lap dogs have no duty to protect citizens. When will people realize that, we the People are the only ones who can truly protect our communities and families. If the community surrounding the insane person who committed this act had actually looked out for one another, he would have been institutionalized long before this happened. What ever happened to see something say something? It's clear by people's accounts of the shooters past behavior that people just looked the other way as he showed signs of severe mental illness.

  2. Gonna sound off here what I think. It just may be that (a) the profession does not pay enough for officers to risk their lives daily (2) not enough good folks wanting to actually be officers and take their position of responsibility seriously....funny, its how I view most politicians today. The people in office are exactly the kinds of people I don't want in them. Back to the Uvalde PD...given their proof of professionalism (harassment of the mother who saved her children; standing outside the school in full tactical gear but not actually saving children) would the community be better off not having a PD if these are their actions?

  3. Maybe she should just get an AR. Apparently just having one does an incredible job of keeping Uvalde cops away.

  4. Part of me is like "Is this bull" because it sounds like something a really really stupid police department would do, one that would want to make sure they're not doing anything to get any more public scrutiny.

  5. There was a DA (I think Florida) that convicted a corrupt cop and got run out of office by all the cops in their state doing shit like this (and worse) to her. The constant harassment, having a cop drive by every 30 minutes, park in their drive t hen turn on lights and sirens to wake t hem up then drive off... only to do it again 30 minutes later. Getting followed by a cop car everywhere you drive. Cops no longer work with you in order to obtain convictions etc etc.

  6. At what point do you begin to wonder... after they fuck something up so badly... if they did it on purpose..?

  7. I've had to deal with Uvalde PD in a past life in a professional capacity. Absolutely believable. They'd probably be doing worse if it weren't for the media attention.

  8. And if the behavior of these small town Texas cops has anyone shocked they really shouldn’t start digging into the other small town departments along the southern border. This type of corruption is rampant.

  9. That shit really pisses me off. Grown ass men couldn't go in and save children so now they need to harass a mother who did what she needed to do to save her 2 sons?

  10. It’s like they’re the mob or a gang. Makes me shudder reading shit like this, my god. How can they, a grown man in uniform, do this to a grieving mother and be able to sleep at night?

  11. Governor Abbott needs to send in forces to forcibly disband this sad excuse of a police force. Everyone who had anything to do with it needs fired without severance or pension and it needs done yesterday.

  12. Apparently, the Uvalde County Sheriff is on suspension because of the intense investigation as to why it took them 56 MINUTES TO RESPOND

  13. I think a group of volunteers ought to show up and form a perimeter around her house armed to the teeth. Fuck these cops, they can’t take out a lone shooter but they can go harass a heroic mother for doing a better job and protecting her children than an entire PD and swat team. I’d bet they seen a handful of armed men hanging out they would roll by and not even think twice to harass her again. We’ve already seen these punks shake in their boots, and apparently it doesn’t take much.

  14. Bankrupting the city won't do any good, that just screws the tax payers. Holding the cops personally liable is the only way this shit stops.

  15. What do these fucks do for us exactly? Why do we even have police at this point? So that they can show up 2 hours after we call them to stand around and do fuck all?

  16. Had a former neighbor " with a long criminal history" break into my garage and steal my snap on tools so I called the Cops they showed up and said they cant do anything. Soooo I guess word got around to a detective that must had a hard on for this bitch and it went like this.

  17. She needs to put a mirror on the front of her house with a “YOU FAILED US” caption so the UPD can reflect on their fuckups.

  18. I do not give a fuck: every officer there should be let go. If you’re afraid to go into a gunman but so power hungry when you pull someone over, you’re the issue. If i was there, this was my wet fucking dream, stopping evil. The shooter was pure evil and had no care for who they killed. All evidence is against them and they still choose to harass those that spoke the truth? Scum.

  19. Where are the men in the town? If this is really happening, they need to arm up and have a bbq on her lawn. Let these alleged pieces of shit know that the town as a whole is not going to put up with it, and they have to be willing to disarm their own police if necessary.

  20. Nah this is actually pretty commonplace. There's a lot of examples of cops intimidating people who speak out against them.

  21. More ammo for their court during their lawsuit. These cops are complete tools and I hope each and everyone of them that turned coward that day will get their dues during the eventual trial/investigation for what they did that day.

  22. Create a national registry for all law enforcement that violates their civic duty and our constitutional rights to prevent them from transferring to different departments or branches of law enforcement.

  23. Every Uvalde officer needs to have their badge unceremoniously ripped off their shirt and then literally shoved up their ass.

  24. They need to flush that entire police dept down the fucking toilet where it belongs and start over. Completely clean house.

  25. And they want us to believe that this shooting wasn’t orchestrated by the FBI? Harassing parents isn’t doing their narrative any good.

  26. Well at least she knows they won’t come into her home, because then it would be a “barricaded” situation…and we know how they handle those

  27. I’m willing to bet that police department turns a blind eye towards and has some cartel connections going on in that area.

  28. basically every member of that department needs to have their badges taken away and many of them probably belong in prison. This is one of the largest failures of a local law enforcement in a while.

  29. Where's the usual set of bootlicking cop apologists to tell us how much of a credible threat she is, and how the threats and harassment are warranted?

  30. Is this the one thats on probation for like forever? Not that it matters, what the cops are doing is absolutely disgusting, but I'm curious what she did to be on probation for so long.

  31. This shit makes my blood boil. PD officers being paid by the city to harass a person who had tons more courage than the whole department combined. Police sure don’t like being shown their true faces.

  32. Cops will be damn sure to let your kids die AND make sure the parents of surviving children never forget it.

  33. She went in and saw what was happening inside the school. The only reason to harass her is if she saw something they didn't want people to see.

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