New to fingerboarding and need some help choosing my first complete.

  1. I second this - my first setup when I got back into the hobby was a FlatFace with Dynamic trucks and FlatFace wheels, and I still skate it to this day. They've got one of the best deck shapes in the biz!

  2. I recommend asking Andy from Soya skate. He's in canada and so am I. He can hook you up with a complete. Shipping internationally is expensive as hell so i want to support the local.

  3. Kamelpro is another really high quality Canadian deck maker. I have one of their "Amble" mold decks in 34mm and it's very nice. I'm in the U.S. but I waited the extra time for them to ship it down to me! Just in OH so it wasn't too bad.

  4. Amazon has teak tuning, and prep. But try exodus , and DK they ship international as well. I just picked up a soldier bar deck.

  5. If I were you I would get an exodus deck or DK considering they are really cheap and good decks Next I would get blackriver brr wheels and for teucks just buy some prep trucks

  6. -Hi bro, welcome to the BEST hobby in the world, jajaja. I donĀ“t have years of experience, only 1, but i looked a lot internet and i joined this reddit 3 days ago xd, but i learned a lot, the people here is fantastic, not toxic. I recomend you:

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