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  1. Am I the only that likes Chadley? He's not my favorite. But I don't think his addition hinders the remake in any way. If anything, he's adding more lore to the battle system and materia usage. He's us when we played the original game.

  2. Agreed I like him aswell. Especially in the yuffie dlc. It really made me giggle when I found out that you can play fort kondor with him

  3. I honestly don’t have a problem with him. He isn’t offensive or anything he’s just some nerdy kid but people treat him like he killed their dog or something

  4. The closing of his "arc" was completely ridicolous. They were much better off avoiding to give him closure, it sucked and he didn't even need it.

  5. All these comments are hating on Chadley but I honestly didn't mind him. Not my favorite character but I don't think he was a bad inclusion. I like his little embarrassed reaction to Cloud in the dress too, very cute.

  6. So true. Chadley talks a lot about the stuff he's working with and I am like "Yeah, cool, now lemme fight that Summon already".

  7. Chadley - and the system he brings with him - is one of the very few things I dislike about FF7r. I find his character annoying, for a start (though nothing like as annoying as Roche) but that's not my main problem. I think he brings two issues to the world, and breaks immersion:

  8. I get it but for me they have crazy tech in other areas. Even outside of what Hojo has with Soldier and all his experiments as well as their various experiments. You say early computer age but the AI on all the mechs is light years ahead of anything we have here, the issue is that Chadley's stuff has a more modern coat of paint while a lot of the Mechs look beaten down but I would consider close to as advanced as the battle arena and they are treated like scrap most of the time so aren't exactly trade secrets.

  9. The second part of your argument i have no opinion cz honestly it doesn't bother me too much, but i can understand why you dislike it.

  10. He and his VR didn't bother me much in this vein I think, because the randomness of technology with Shinra is kind of all over the place.

  11. This reminds me in X-2 where one couldn’t get 100% if they skipped over the scholar’s long winded explanations. I hope they never do that again!

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