What Fighting Games do you think aren’t talked about enough?

  1. Hasn’t KOF proven themselves with their rosters, storyline, characters, stages, music, crossover appeal,. Like damn, netcode and online isn’t the whole factor to consider into what makes a good game

  2. Until SNK gets with the current generation of consoles with their graphics and gets off the dictator money, then I really don't have an interest. I know KoF 15 is new but holy moly is that game feeling like its showing its age when you throw it up against other current fighters. That's not a good thing when you're game literally is available on ps5...

  3. I've got a long history trying to get non fighting game people to play fighting games. Samurai Shodown is far and away the most successful at breaking through.

  4. I feel like the guilty gear strive developers secretly love samurai showdown which is why they put nago into the game.

  5. I really hope Type Lumina continues to build buzz. Especially as the season 2 rework really brought so much to the table. It definitely feels like what it should have felt like in the past: frantic but accessible. Add to that doing God's work with regards to DLC and content.

  6. YES. Last Blade and Last Blade 2 should be spoken of in the same breath as 3rd Strike and Garou when it comes to gorgeous 2D fighters. Honestly, the Last Blade games look better than those games in a lot of ways.

  7. Yes, The Last Blade needs more attention. The series is always overshadowed by Samurai Shodown even though the games play completely different.

  8. this is one of the few ones mentioned where it is genuinely a struggle to find good gameplay footage or much else online about it.

  9. The lesson here is: if you release a game in a bad state or with greedy monetizing schemes, no matter how good you fix it, you will never recover the lost customers. See also: SFV.

  10. I was going to comment bloody roar because my first memories of fighting games with friends was soul calibur 2 and bloody roar primal fury for gamecube.

  11. Nitro+ Blasterz. Super fun and great assist mechanics. I hear people say UMvC3 is a game you can endlessly lab with just different characters but Nitro+ captured that much better for me personally.

  12. Was hoping someone else would mention this one. It didn't necessarily break any new boundaries, but it has such a unique style with the character design and visceral sound. Nice that it got a kick of interest from BBTAG but a proper english release of the older games would be a dream.

  13. I know the creator of Eternal Champions tried to get a remake/successor going a few years ago (2017) but nothing seemed to come of it

  14. I still play this game so much even though I’m not even remotely good at it, just because it feels so good to play. It may also have my favorite sprite work in a fighting game ever.

  15. Love this game. Wish it got more love, such is the fate of any persona game that doesn’t have the number 5 attached to it these days

  16. KI would be plenty talked about if they’d just planned a sequel. They gave up on the franchise. There’s nothing left to talk about.

  17. BlazBlue and Melty Blood. Both were very popular back in the day, especially BB, but now they are not talked nearly enough

  18. Arcade sports games that are fighting game adjacent deserve more love, Lethal league, windjammers, Mario super strikers, all scratch a similar itch to me that fighting games do

  19. If i could be confident enough to not get one sided matches that i couldn't win no matter what due to inexperience, i'd happily play SamSho 2.

  20. Time Killers was admittedly a horrible game, but a really interesting idea that could really flourish if it was fleshed out.

  21. Arcana Heart is really fun. At the very LEAST i would like more resources so i can learn the characters for fun, even if i only fight the cpu.

  22. in this endless debate of accessibility v player expression i think uniclr is the best. very easy to learn with a higher skill ceiling once you know how to properly utilize the mechanics

  23. Roster choice is a bit off to me. It really feels like it was designed with Marketability first since everyone there is either one of their biggest franchises at the time (even if alot of them arent even people who can fight) or its for a show that was airing around the same time. However, its not the worst I've ever seen and the game itself is still very fun. Figuring out what resources to use to extend combos is really fun

  24. Game could be the most amazing fighter of all time, but I’ll never be able to get over the aesthetics and I think that’s the case for a lot of people

  25. Dead or Alive. Gameplay wise it’s super underrated but the boobies are too much for people take it seriously. The devs tried to change this with 6, and that angered some of it’s neckbeard audience, so the devs backtracked and it bombed hard.

  26. It honestly makes me really sad to think we might never get a new dead or alive :( It was one of my favourite fighting games since i was a kid, i really love the fast tracked gameplay and i never even noticed the skimpy clothes when i was a kid lmao

  27. X-men vs street fighter and marvel super heroes vs street fighter. The later games, and superficially the marvel vs capcom games, get so much attention and the earlier titles are hardly ever included in conversations around re-release/remaster.

  28. Daraku Tenshi never got a home release or a release outside of Japan, so I can why it doesn't have a huge following. Hopefully it's exa-arcadia release happens soon and home port after that.

  29. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. I think it's one of the best versus games ever made. Play how you want and do anything.

  30. Cross Tag battle was fun as hell. If it weren’t for Arcsys making half the roster DLC at launch, it probably would’ve been more successful.

  31. MK9 is really fucking lit the tag mode is hella underrated, not too long ago I really dived into it and was blasting marvel music to Sektor/Reptile combos.

  32. That's a HUGE LIE. Battle for the grid has what most people DONT want in a fighting game. Like every hit leads to some 30 second %100 combo. People don't want that crap in fighting games.

  33. Now Thinking...for me Its not much about be talked enough, cause differents generations and differents expositions, for any game, kinda counts a lot.

  34. Great choices, I'm just getting into Cyberbots (on Fightcade2) I played Star Gladiator and Plasma Sword back in the day might get into them again too. Fatal Fury Garou Mark of the Wolves is a fantastic game.

  35. The first two SF3 games. They're even more busted than 3rd Strike and really fun to play, but lack Chun so no one cares.

  36. Primal Rage is my answer. For a game that was very popular back in the mid-90s, it honestly seems to be forgotten despite it's unique premise of having Dinosaurs fighting each other.

  37. Soulcalibur 1 is considered to have the best parry mechanic out of all of them yet doesn't have a way to play online (at least on console) ever.

  38. Battle for the Grid. Absolute banger of a game, rollback netcode, crossplay, and made by pros of MvC2 and 3. I'll rave about that game every chance I can.

  39. Bloody roar 3 extreme, super Dragon ball, naruto clash of ninja revolution 2, Lethal league blaze, skullgirls, TFHs and Pokken

  40. Tatsunoko vs Capcom. It was my intro to fighting games as a dumb lil kid on the wii, I still go back to it every once in a while. Ken the Eagle, Casshan, Frank West, Zero, and Doronjo are some of my favorites.

  41. Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Believe it or not the game still has a scene to this day. It may not be the greatest fighting game ever but it is definitely one of Capcom's best post-Street Fighter IV efforts.

  42. Persona 4 Ultimax. Just tested it. Amazing anime fighter. This game will have rollback soon and I'm surprised such a quality game is not discussed here.

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