What are some of the hardest inputs you’ve ever seen in a Fighting Game?

  1. A lot of chain throws in 3D fighters. They’re so hard because not only do you have to learn complex motions (which the inputs could be sometimes flipped based on camera angle), but you also have a tiny window to press the grab button again to enter the next part of the throw. So you might be pressing the grab at the right time but missing the input or vice versa. Takes some time to get down.

  2. What in the fresh hell... it's sounds like some cursed Leona super in some borderline illegal KOF clone. "Yeah you just charge the 4 into the 6 and do the upside down V motion and then charge the 4 into the 6 again and so she'll do her V-looking slash super"

  3. Bullet from bbcf has a command grab super that involves 7 full circles (3 circles for the first grab and 2 circles each for two extensions)

  4. The pretzel motions in SNK fighters. Practically any meaningful combo in Weaponlord. That La Mademoiselle move by Bonne Jenet, which must be performed as a counter and is insanely tough to time. That multi-stage throw Clark does in one of the later KOF games, which awards you an achievement upon successful completion. The more challenging Tekken combos. That damn super move Guile does with the multiple flash kicks.

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