1. I never watch real soccer I only know these guys from career mode. Is he not as good as his potential makes him out to be? I always buy him if I have the money. He has these long pendulum legs that just are crazy for one timers.

  2. Obviously just my own opinion but Vini should have 93/94 potential. If Foden wasn’t English and a Man City academy graduate, I don’t think he’d be anywhere near this list - again just my opinion

  3. Ordinarily I’d agree About Foden. But he’s a starter for Man City so it’s a fair argument for him to have the potential to be a world beater

  4. I don’t care either one of them, but based off last season, Mbappe was the better player. Haaland was injured, so it’s hard to say what he could do. Now based off this season, Haaland is surely performing better than Mbappe.

  5. Are these wonderkids that have really improved last season, because a lot of these players had their breakthrough before this.

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