So my goalkeeper is getting old, does anyone have a realistic replacement?

  1. I have found a bargain keeper who has long throw trait: Peder Hoel Lervik, he is from Norway and plays for Molde. Starts low (57) but potential 82. Great shot stopper and he has the comes for crosses, rushes out of goal and gk long throw traits. They help.

  2. This. I have him in my save. Had him my first two seasons, and sold him for about 150 mil to spurs after that. Bought Onana as replacement, who just wasn’t the same. Bought back Costa the next season cheaper than I sold him, and sold Onana for more than I paid. :)

  3. Put any high potential academy players in goal and he’ll be better than that guy after 1.5 seasons

  4. not really a first team contender for you but Bart Verbruggen has been one of my best pickups for my Salford career, can pick him up for like 2 mil n he’s grown to 85 in 4 seasons for me from 66 i think he was

  5. Maduka Okoye would be good too he’s a bit higher rating to start with at 72 n pot of 82 n about 4-5m

  6. Adrian šemper, starts as a young 23 year old 73 overall with 76 potential. But at that age he’ll improve I’m in year 3 and he’s like an 80 and I’ve been using him as a backup keeper at Genoa and then Tottenham.

  7. Train one up through your youth academy, I got a 6’7 monster, with 5 star week foot, medium attack work rate(I believe), high defense work rate. His potential in the YA was 88-94. He’s currently 97 at 24 years old. Half of my starting 11 are players from my academy. I have a gnarly LW, starting potential was 92-94, and a 6’6 210+ CB starting potential 88-94. Youth academy really is the way to go, it’s fun searching for the next wunderkid & molding them into the player that will best benefit you, plus the grind is more enjoyable than just buying whoever you want. My transfer budget is over 2 billion dollars and I rarely ever use any of it.

  8. As a Saints fan; Bazunu as a back-up to be starter with maybe someone 29/30 y/o as a starter who’ll prove to a prominent upgrade to McCarthy

  9. There’s a lot of guys. What specifically are you looking for, (nationality, overall range, attribute range, etc)? What year is it in your save?

  10. In my Southampton career in 21 I replaced McCarthy with Destanoglu, a Turkish keeper. I think his potential is in the low 80’s, he was 73 when I picked him up think I got him to about 79 after 2 seasons. Plus he’s like 11 years younger than McCarthy. Again he’s a decent young fairly realistic replacement and we 6’4

  11. He was awful for me in my Athletic Club career mode, my back up, 74 rated Oier Olazabal, was far better. Every *shot against Simon goes in.

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