They don't know what's wrong with me

  1. I'm not comfortable with CBD but I currently can't afford vitamin D and my insurance won't cover if if you can get it OTC. In all my extensive blood work I am very low in it and I am gonna work on getting it. Not a huge fan of CBD but I'll check out CBG tinctures. It kind of feels a little like it's falling into place and is the reason why my neuropathy is just straight pain sometimes and how all of a sudden I can't take antidepressants (I get serotonin syndrome within days) and get every side effect of all meds. I wasn't like that before. The only thing that helps with pain is tramadol and I've managed to stay in sobriety (22 months sober June 20th) and not abuse it at all. It gives me relief for at least a few hours pain wise. Thank you for responding because it feels like a puzzle piece is fitting into place. It also runs in my family. I don't know anymore tests we can run to see if I have something else with it. We've done brain and lower back MRIs, blood work, x-rays and EMG. I get steroids injected into my SI joints next week but steroids make me sick and I'm worried it's gonna make things worse. Fingers crossed I'm wrong.

  2. Oh we still don't know. I was supposed to see my rheumatologist today but he got covid so I have to wait until September. But hopefully next month I can get some answers. They did give me a nerve block injection that did nothing but make me sick and give me more pain. But that's it. We don't know what's up yet.

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