Uhh…help. What am I doing?

  1. It should tell you at a nearby terminal, but you need to do some prerequisite quests and item hunts to actually open them. It's been a while since I've done it though so I can't help on the specifics of the quests unfortunately.

  2. Behind the underground labyrinth if u walk out of that area turn around and walk toward the trees that look like cactus there the first box should be with the first code

  3. Part of the Betrayal of Comrades DLC. The teleporter on left requires said DLC. If you are on said DLC's story then you need to find 5 specific chests scattered in Solitary Sands. They are 5 teleporter keys that should be in your key items if you found them all. One is in the Industrial Zone, one is by the Worm Pit, two are in the Oasis, and one is behind the Lighthouse. Once you have all 5, the teleporter on left will activate (requires approaching to trigger). The one on the right only becomes available after you beat the DLC and the place to farm for the Ar Ninja.

  4. Ah. Thanks for that tip. I wasn’t aware of the worm pit one. Not sure if I have the lighthouse one but I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks

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