Should I trade Henderson and Robert woods (both bench stashes) for Jaylen waddle? My current wide receivers are Elijah moore, devante Adam’s, and a st brown

  1. Idk why people are viewing this so definitively when you have the starting running back for the Rams. What are your other RBs? That’s more important when you’re giving one up and not getting one back

  2. Agree. Week1 and Cam Akers put up just about the worst performance you can imagine. I think there's very real doubt whether this guy still has it (or ever had it?).

  3. I don’t think either guy is going to be a rb1, maybe a low end rb2 or flex. I drafted d. Cook, Swift, rhamondre, melvin Gordon, Henderson, and Mattison. Traded the Akers owner Hendo after the game for Chris Godwin. I feel I have enough depth at rb and and upgraded my WR2, because another dud from Allen Robinson and that dude is getting exiled, I’m not taking that ride again this year.

  4. Yeah. Ur team is a lot better starting waddle instead of Moore and a 2 for 1 from ur bench is the perfect trade

  5. I guess I'm in the minority but I'd rather keep Henderson. I want the lead back on the Rams and I'm 100% in the camp that Akers is no more than a handcuff. I like Waddle but there's a chance that he and Woods put up similar number this year, with Woods maybe even topping him because he's currently the WR1 in Tennessee.

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