WORLD CUP MATCHDAY 1 Rant and Discussion Thread

  1. Same, i got 22 points of bruno fernandes and cancelo last night, it didnt show, my whole league didnt get any points

  2. in the fifa fantasy league my team suddenly has -25 matchday points (negative 25) in the second round, for no reason. Did ths happen to anyone else?

  3. Yes, it happened to me, started this matchday on -18 before a ball had even been kicked. Now I'm bottom of basically every league with only 2 points scored this matchday instead of 20.

  4. Okay so with my 2 FREE TRANSFERS I transferred 2 players that were locked with 2 players that were locked. All players had played their game. According to the rules this is no problem. But then I look at my points after, according to the points per player in my squad I have 35 but when I look at my points in total and in the league it says 29. That means the free transfers actually cost -6, -3 per transfer. Bugged shit? Any1 else that have had this problem?

  5. Why is the opening time for md2 so late? Planning to wildcard so I only have 1am-10am to make transfers!

  6. wtf, subbed off de Arrascaeta for Jae-sung, but it sold another player instead and now I can't bring on Jae-sung as a sub.

  7. If my player is locked but didn't play can I transfer him out for a player who hasn't played? For ex. Sane is locked and didn't play can I bring in a Fede Valverde for him and would the points count for this matchday?

  8. Only thing that matters is if the player is locked for that. Playing or not is irrelevant. And he is locked, so the transfer will count for the next MD. All that of course according to the rules. No one knows what will actually happen if you do it 😅

  9. I've currently got De Arrascaeta in my squad for the match tomorrow. Great player. He was predicted to play by quite a few sites.

  10. Well, he's not starting it seems. But you can still transfer him out, although I'm not sure if there are any good options in that price range left. Lee Jae-Sung is starting for South Korea and Sofascore puts him as CAM. No idea if he's good though.

  11. I have given up on fantasy. It's shit full of bugs. Automatically subbed out one of my players when I made a transfer.

  12. Just transfered out trossard as he isn't starting but for some reason it replaced one of my defenders that's already played so I now have 6 midfielders

  13. I have got subs.invalid.count_subs error. Tried everything but I am not allowed to sub in unlocked player for locked. Plz let me knows if you find a solution:)

  14. Edit. After trying to sub in a player. Every single player in the squad is locked, even if he didn't play yet

  15. Does anyone know how to bypass this error? subs.invalid.count_subs I have kimmich on the bench and I am trying to sub him in for Di maria

  16. Just to point out that you cannot switch again afterwards, if you switch now to KDB. You can only change captain once after your captain has played.

  17. Bit of a joke how with the error message I still don't know what is a bug and where they've just changed the rules. Like, tackle points and goals scored points are rule changes but are key passes, shots and clean sheets still gonna be added or just taken off the rule sheet..? Would be nice to know before, say, GW2 with the whole choosing players and that...

  18. Hi. It is not a bug. It is unwritten rule :) You made some subs after Starting 1st Matchday. I think there is 4 subs limit. And you passed it.

  19. Hi. It is not a bug. It is unwritten rule :) You made some subs after Starting 1st Matchday. I think there is 4 subs limit. And you passed it.

  20. Could someone explain what happened? Doesnt matter too much cause it was just skov olsen points. Made a couple of transfers. He is a locked player right now but i was somehow able to swap him for mitro? What the fuck. Currently have 4 fwds lol

  21. Anyone else unable to see the sub in/out arrow options on their players? I have Neymar sitting on the bench and khazri shitting on my team with 0 points and I can't seam to swap them currently

  22. So any chance they fix the error when trying to sub back unlocked players before the Croatia game or is it R.I.P. to my fantasy team? 3 players on my bench that I can't sub back in because I haven't predicted how utterly incompetent the devs of this shitty fantasy are.

  23. Subs not working as they should. Swapped Giroud and Sané, both hadn't played yet. Now Sané can't replace a player anymore since "subs.invalid.count_subs" error message.

  24. Hi. It is not a bug. It is unwritten rule :) You made some subs after Starting 1st Matchday. I think there is 4 subs limit. And you passed it.

  25. I've just seen they've added a whole bunch of new ways to get points... AFTER THE TOURNAMENT STARTED! I so want to just stop playing through protest for how shit this game is but I'm in the top 10k and am definitely not addicted to fantasy football games. So there seems to be a bit of an impasse.

  26. Also it still doesn't break down where the points a player got came from which is especially essential when there are so many ways for players to get points that you can't realistically keep track of. Live points being iffy at best is also very frustrating for making decisions on captain changes and substitutions.

  27. has anyone else lost points? was on 40 earlier and for some reason 12th man mbappes 9 points has put me on 32 points? Lol

  28. Same thing happened to me. Switched Captain from Messi to KDB who hasn’t played yet but my total points remained the same.

  29. Does the "12th man" chip show straight away or is it added at the end of the match day? I thought I had mbappe but nothing is showing

  30. App now says they will be recalculating points over the next few days so hopefully shots on goal and tackles will get factored in.

  31. I think France did concede so he should not get it in this game if I understood the rules correctly. It is different to FPL.

  32. Time for me to forget about this until after the world cup. The game is crap, too involved, doesn't work, and the rant thread is just a bit weird... Good luck all and merry Christmas/happy holidays, see you on 26th December.

  33. transferred out sane for Valverde and it's taken out trippier and gives me the message subs.invalid.count_subs

  34. Hi. It is not a bug. It is unwritten rule :) You made some subs after Starting 1st Matchday. I think there is 4 subs limit. And you passed it.

  35. Realized with that header that I'm pretty happy with whatever happens at this point, except more France goals. Australia score and its a happy underdog story, Australia don't score and I keep my T.Hernandez clean sheet.

  36. I told a guy who had Theo, that he can transfer him out and immediately get someone else points. He went for Pavard. I feel so so bad. I'm so glad he's not mad at me.

  37. Hopefully this fantasy will work that way, from what ive seen so far it might be too much for the poor windows XP algorithm to take in

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