Rate My Team, Quick Questions & General Advice Daily Thread

  1. Will there be any price changes at all before the next gameweek deadline, or are they locked in now until boxing day?

  2. RMT Got 879 points total so far this year, first year playing FPL, any suggestions appreciated. Probably going to sell lloris, wondering if I should get a second worthy goalkeeper or stick with ward and use the money elsewhere?

  3. Jesus and Lloris are dead weight. Also such an expensive forward on the bench? Better off having Greenwood if you're not starting Wilson

  4. Some of you guys are obsessed with FPL loll. There is no premier league for the best part of 2 months. So much moderation and hate against world cup fantasy smh

  5. At risk of the boring answer, I think Saka will be one of the options who will be in when fixtures suit. He's one of the best buys around imo, but not so good that I shut my eyes to fixtures.

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