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  1. The prices are locked, and you've got unlimited transfers till the next game week so it's basically an activated wildcard.

  2. Worth noting that Wilson is the only one who is unlikely to play much at the World Cup. Foden will likely be playing a lot more and pep may be inclined to rest him considering they have mahrez as another option.

  3. It’s the goddamn hope with Foden I’ve learnt that’ll killya. If u have him, u have to hold and play him the rest of the season. No playing games. And ya that can be so hard with Foden whe. He’s been benched 2 in a row

  4. Not a big fan of Zaha tbh - after first 2 games the fixtures become very bad. He's definitely worth considering on the last wildcard, but until then I'll pass on him.

  5. Brighton defense is a no-fly zone for my team. They look open. Playing a high line with old-man legs having to track back. Dunk in particular looked past it last game, at his price point there are so many stronger options.

  6. Loving the Perraud shout. Not so sure about Dunk tbh he’s done nothing for me, maybe go for Bueno for some extra cash. If you downgraded Almiron maybe you could get the funds for Nunez, especially with Toney potentially getting a ban.

  7. Depends if you're playing or benching the midfielder. Andreas gets you a guaranteed 90, Leeds are more mysterious with their breadth of attackers available.

  8. Bailey > Dasilva for me, Downgrade Saliba(i think Gabriel is better anyway) to Dalot and Iversen -> Ward

  9. Triple Arsenal defence is quite risky putting all your eggs in one basket. I'd probably drop Gabriel for Dalot and upgrade Iversen to a starting keeper so you can rotate based on fixtures/form.

  10. I would go neither at the start due to fixtures, but Maddison got a good run of games after a few weeks so probably him.

  11. Considering 4 premiums. Stupidly sold cancelo and trossard messing around with the team losing the value that was built so they're out.

  12. Walker Dalot White not really a go to ones. Change that to Cancelo, Saliba or Gabriel, keep a cheap one. Go for 3 defenses

  13. Same “mistake” from me on Cancelo, but at the end of the day his ROI is quite poor compared with other defenders.

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