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  1. If I transfer a player, e.g. Haaland out now and then back in later while tinkering with my team, do I lose the value I've gained?

  2. Nothing really. The real challenge is whether these players stay in your team before the gw17 deadline. World cup performances will definitely move you away from some of these plahers.

  3. Very solid team, I still don't really trust the double Newcastle defence but with their fixtures definitely could work

  4. Is Tomiyasu for Arsenal usually first choice when fit? He’s available in my draft. I’d probably be looking to off-hire Tarkowski or Koulibaly but I think Koulibaly will be first choice for a bit while Fofana is out

  5. Yes. Transfers during the World Cup contribute to your total transfers during the season which is a tiebreaker when you're level on total points with someone. It's best to use a transfer planner during the break

  6. Made a team on WC Fantasy.. my team name is now my username (even though I specified a nickname) and I want to change it. It says in the rules that you can update team name later. How the hell do I do that?

  7. I spend so much time researching FPL and somehow I didn’t know we were getting unlimited transfers. I even rolled over a transfer so I would have TWO after the world cup.

  8. Not stupid at all and overall a decent team, if one of the non premiums get injured or something you’ll have to lose a premium to get some funds

  9. Pope, Ward, Trippier, White, TAA, Struijk, N Williams, Saka, Maddison, Foden, Rodrigo, Summerville, Haaland, Kane, Wilson

  10. Really good team. My one worry is whether Foden will be starting. Could you go Foden-Martinelli and then upgrade one of your defenders to Cancelo? But otherwise strong.

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