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  1. I’ve been without Haaland up until now and my rank is not very good. Im going to bring him in but i dont know who i should replace.

  2. Liverpool isn't looking good and I'm tired of having 20.5M tied up in assets that are returning at the same rate as less expensive assets so pls RMT

  3. I think it’s a tough call but honestly I don’t think doubling up is a problem. If you think both will score the most then do it.

  4. General best practice is to wait until you have as much info as possible and GW7 hasn't passed yet. However Mendy and TAA to Sanchez and Trippier is a good move especially if you have 2 FTs

  5. Hey guys, just a general question regarding if any of you know if Rashford will still play and get good minutes? I’m trying to transfer out Neto for someone and he seems to be the best option at the moment in that similar 5.5-6.5 price range, if not do you guys suggest anyone else who is better?

  6. Aaronson is more nailed than Rashford. Aaronson is fighting with Sinisterra who hasn't played much and Harrison but they tend to play together anyway

  7. The team is fine if not a bit cookie cutter. If you want to change it up a bit you could go for Emerson Royal instead of TAA and Sterling instead of Salah. Both for the same reason. They're lesser owned and cheaper so your points per million and return on investment would be better. Plus you'd have more in the bank if you wanted to upgrade any other player

  8. I think I may just WC hoping to avoid price drops from Kane and Salah, and vank that .1 from Jesus and maybe catch a price rise or two from Toney. Thia weeks looks as good as any, especially now with the Walker news too

  9. Salah, Robertson and Ward-Prowse out for Sterling, Diaz and basically any other Defenseman I want. Could also just swab Robo for a 3.9 and keep Ward-Prowse with a 5 mid formation

  10. Team looks good for now, maybe could get trippier for walker if you are using your wc gw8/9 but if not just rill the transfers

  11. We say salah will haul every week and has failed to do so against Everton and a 9 nil win against bournemouth but I'd wait till gw9 or 8 to wc

  12. Because liverpool, arsenal and other teams have a lot of hard fixtures and people wanna swap out players like taa for players with easy fixtures

  13. Depends on whether you want a safer bet of 6 points from Walker or a riskier bet on an attacking player who could get anywhere from 1 point to 15 points

  14. Hard to say without seeing the rest of your team but Trippier has very good fixtures coming up and definitely has higher returns potential.

  15. Your team looks fine for this gameweek though. Keep it as it is and then reassess after the weekend is over.

  16. if you've got 2ft or going to WC soon, you can still do Rodrigo to trossard and not play him if you think neco outscored, but trossard probably does better

  17. When you have a midfielder on your team facing your goalie, do you sub the mid out? Or do you keep both and hope they get save points

  18. Same situation for me - Pickford and Salah. Kept them both in the team, I know Pickford will get some saves, at least 3 points.

  19. Will Reece James definitely start? I know it was a precaution due to illness but if he was unwell then surely he's a risk to play just a few days later??

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