Tuchel on Chilwell vs Cucurella: "If we play a back four I would say they are competing for a place and in a back five they are not. Ben is a clear wing back and Cucurella can do both [centre back or wing back]."

  1. Do people not watch Tuchel's Chelsea? The wide center backs get up the pitch to support the attack and overload. Sure, the wing back is more likely to return, but people here acting like wide center backs are standing beside Mendy for the whole game.

  2. Yh but while cucu may be worth 5m at lcb james isn't worth 6 at rcb, but who knows maybe we'll get more quality crosses from deep

  3. Dont be suprised to see both cucu and chilwell starting. I predict a backline of james, koulibaly, silva, cucurella, chilwell. It would be even more likely against weaker teams

  4. You’d think so, but people here were in denial of Cucurella’s LCB flexibility just a few days ago.

  5. Cucu starting to look like a very good option - can replace the likes of Walker/Dias/Gabriel and free up a City or Arsenal slot.

  6. Yeah, as a Cucurella owner, this doesn’t feel like the good news people are making it out to be. His value is diminished a lot moving into LCB. He’s not going to be a threat to head in goals from corners like other CBs you can get for 0.5m cheaper. I was hoping Cucurella could be James-lite for £1m less.

  7. Yes yes yes. People forget the legendary Chilwell. Once he’s back and firing he’s nailed in my team. Cucurella is nothing more than alright in my books. Basically a Mendy with some threath but no save points, etc

  8. I'd imagine Koulibaly nailed, Cucurella/fofana/silva will rotate through the other two spots, Azpi and Chalobah (if they stay) to get the odd start.

  9. Cucorello will be a haul machine! Easy cs vs leeds and has some upcomimg nice fix. Also has big hair so easy to spot when watching games

  10. This means that Cucurella is basically a new Rüdiger (if chilwell also plays in a 5) and Tuchel praises his versatility. Let's pray that Fofana doesn't come in. I think Cucu should be safe for the next 2 at the very least

  11. Everyone in here talking like they're the same price, acting like the Oracle of fpl claiming that chilwell is still the better asset.

  12. Back 4 is very rare. When they do it's not very convincing. That may change with the new signings but as lately as preseason it wasn't looking good.

  13. Most of the time. However against Tottenham (this season and last season) he rotated between a back 3 and back 4 during the game.

  14. I’m not sure I’m pumped about this news as a Cucurella owner. Sure it might mean he’s more nailed, but his value diminishes a lot if he’s playing CB more often than LWB. In that case, you’re just hoping for clean sheet points.

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