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  1. Is it worth wc to get in kulusevski, martinelli and haaland (and ward) to replace raya coutinho grealish de bruyne and a 4.5m striker?


  3. I don't think so. Pep could easily rotate and/or sub key players off early. Plus Bournemouth actually looked pretty organised at the weekend so I think City may score less than what a lot of people are predicting.

  4. Think Jorginho is a bad Fantasy asset, specially at his price point, unless you expect Chelsea to have an abnormal amount of penalties for them. Though if you don't have money ITB I can't think of a good straight swap

  5. TC is a big mistake. You'll regret it when Salah gets a big double in gw36. I'm in Haaland, but Salah is equally good, don't overthink it. Either could blank, either could haul.

  6. Team is okay, what's your current team? If you've been at all engaged before gw1 a gw2 WC is probably unnecessary. If this is just to get Darwin in then don't

  7. I'd go Bailey, Everton's defence suffering a lot of injuries atm and I wouldn't back Newcastle to keep a clean sheet away to a top half side

  8. Walker seems like a decent pick, though he has a 6 point ceiling while digne has potential for double digits. Of course Digne's floor is negative tho haha, not a pick for the the faint of heart.

  9. Lowkey, Ronaldo might have to come into my team. Going to put him in on my Ipad account. Lets see how he does.

  10. I have Rashford and think I am starting him. He was poor and missed 2 great chances, but the fact that he had these clear chances shows that he was well positioned, and can get some tap ins against a weaker side. United also used 5 subs and he stayed on in a game they were chasing goals, so I hope they have faith on him and he keeps starting.

  11. Suppose you're transferring our Kane for Mitro to have 6m in the bank? If you really have no faith on Bailey think Saka would be a good option, though I suppose Bailey cannot be that bad if so many people rated him, maybe they just had a really off game. Do you have no other playable midfielders to field alongside Salah for this GW?

  12. After reading many posts here, went for the most logical/common team I could... I think. Anyway, RMT:

  13. almost same team(walker for james and martinelli for saka) . I'd say martinelli instead of saka. both start and play 60+ mins . plus I feel martinelli is a better cheaper option. save 2 mil. and get meslier and better subs.

  14. Bailey only Villa attacker to get 90 min. Also Everton home the only game he returned in last season (Goal + Assist). In same predicament as to what to do with him this week.

  15. Haven't watched the Villa game myself, but as far as I read Villa and Bailey in particular were very poor, so I'd probably go for the other 2? Tho it seems like one of those scenarios that no matter what you choose, the one you bench is gonna return.

  16. I’d be looking to replace Odegaard with Martinelli and Vardy with Jesus over the coming weeks. Then you have a bit of spare change for an upgrade elsewhere

  17. Who else do you have? Haaland is the obvious choice. Salah also has a horrible record for gw2 (since joining Liverpool he has 5 appearances on GW2 and only two assists as returns).

  18. I’d have at least one of the big 3 defenders (TAA/robbo/Cancelo) but you look to have gone big in the midfield instead so if that’s your choice looks good. see how it goes 👍

  19. 11 mil on keepers is too much especially when you've got Salah, Haaland and Son. Not wild about ASM or Thiago Silva. But other than that it looks ok.

  20. Say Haaland scores 2 again vs. Bournemouth... he would almost certainly be 12.0 going into GW3, given he's on the way to 11.7 this week

  21. Depends why I guess? If it's just cause of the Chelsea fixture I think he still have a decent chance of scoring and a good patch of games afterwards. But if you're scared of rotation I think it's fair enough, though I'm not sure how much of a risk that is.

  22. If you're transferring in I'd go for Foden. Think he'll have more minutes this season and City have a very menacing threat in the front now, which will grant him either more assists or more space to score his own. But as with most city assets, you're transferring him in for the long run, he will get benched and get 1 minute cameos at random games.

  23. If you have FT, spare 0.5m and you're happy with the rest of your team, I would do it now. Brentford away is not an easy fixture. GW3 they play Liverpool at home. I may be biased as a Chelsea fan, but I watched the Brighton game and I wouldn't keep any of their assets in my squad. About replacement, consider Maddison or Mount (assuming you already have Díaz or another 3rd scouser)

  24. Unrelated but is having 3 Gooners a good idea? They look good but if they lose, which will happen, your team won't be looking good.

  25. I honestly have no idea why you would move out Martinelli unless you hear news that he isn’t going to be playing. He is likely to be part of many Arsenal attacking returns so you aren’t really gaining anything by going Martinelli —> Saka

  26. That's a -12 (correct me if I'm wrong), downgrade of 3 players for a sideways transfer. Unless Saka scores a hattrick and Martinelli blanks, you've lost points (and a free transfer you could carry on). It's a very unlikely to happen gamble.

  27. Martinelli/saka is a sideways move not really worth a transfer at this point. Also don’t use a transfer on a keeper unless neither of your keepers are playing.

  28. If I were to do a move like that I'd want some solid stats to back it up. We don't have any yet so I'd say go with the low risk move and start Kulusevski.

  29. It could be a good move, but no reason to do it now and not wait until you have two FTs and can do something with the money

  30. Nearly the same team as mine. Keep an eye on Nunez for future GW’s and city signing any full back that may threaten walker’s minutes

  31. Solid team and very close to the template. Nothing to do now IMO but keep an eye on Zinchenkos minutes and I also have bailey who may be next on my radar to swap out

  32. Need to go bigger at the back. Son would be a better FPL option than KDB. Maybe look at Watkins to Jesus as he’s got good fixtures for the next 4W

  33. Does anyone know how often the API is updated for transfers in/out? I just started using the API and hoped it would be live, but it doesn't seem to have updated in the last 10 minutes i've been playing with it.

  34. To answer my own question it seems to be every 30 minutes at 07 and 37. I assume something internally runs every 30 minutes and it takes 7 minutes to get to the price changes.

  35. People will give it shit because you're taking out Jesus but I don't hate it. He looks a good player and Liverpool are a far, far better team than Arsenal. If and when he nails down a starting role we're all going to have Nunez. He's a different striker to Firmino and Jota, he doesn't seem to drop deep as much and looks like he'll be on the end of a lot of chances as he stays central, if you can get a guy for 9m who is going to get a good percentage of the chances for one of the best attacks in the league it's a no brainer

  36. For what it is worth, the data and models suggest starting James over Rashford but it’s your game. If you think Rashford is going to score two against Brentford and Chelsea are going to lose 2-0 against Spurs, I’m not going to tell you not to listen to your gut and make your own decision and play your own game. I trusted my gut and said Brighton would beat Man UTD. 🤷‍♀️

  37. The data suggests James over Andreas but it’s your game and I can understand the reasoning. If you really think Andreas is going to fire in a corner to Mitro and get an assist against a poor Wolves defence while Chelsea lose 2-0 to Spurs, go for it. I won’t tell you not to take risks. But just be aware the data and models other players use suggest James is more likely to return despite the difficult fixture

  38. Pereira might not be a bad shout. Chelsea look woeful in defence and so do Wolves having gone to a back 4.

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