Rate My Team, Quick Questions & General Advice Daily Thread

  1. Is son to kulu overreacting? If they're playing near enough the same position the 4m would he useful elsewhere

  2. Im new to FPL so im wondering, what happens if I transfer someone who has played already now in an active gameweek?

  3. no need to transfer for gw2, i always wait until at least gw3 to make any transfers barring injuries, suspension, etc. plus, free transfers accumulate so dont feel like you need to use one every week

  4. If my players on the bench are starting and someone in my lineup isn’t, can I sub them and then sub them back after the games finished?

  5. Is there any source where we can see the points of each player in a match? Like i wanted to see how much each player has scored in the Palace vs Arsenal match? Any way to check that easily?

  6. RMT, any feedback helps. Feels like I have a pretty decent 11 but a weak bench, not sure where to go from there. Maybe I stick this team out for now and downgrade poor performers and upgrade the bench some after a few weeks

  7. Should I replace Zinchenko with Trippier, and then replace Coutinho with Saka to have Jesus, Martinelli and Saka as my 3 Arsenal players?

  8. None of them are safe. Tomiyasu won’t be forced back into the team if White at RB works out, until it’s time to rotate. Guesswork at this point IMO

  9. RMT Iversen (Ward) TAA Robertson Cancelo James (Williams) Salah Mount Martinelli Bailey (Andreas) Haaland Jesus (Archer)

  10. Saka better but if you have Jesus already then Mount cause I wouldn’t want to triple up on Arsenal attack

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