1. Any arsenal experts able to give an opinion on whether zinchenko will get a lot of game time this season

  2. He and Haaland are gonna link up a lot this season. The assist was brilliant. But the fact he is the same price as Haaland and won't take any pens whilst they're both on the pitch has put me off so far

  3. Scored 68 points and I know I should be happy but I'm fuming because I had Martinelli and Dasilva on my bench who outscored half my starters lol

  4. Thinking of taking Darwin + Bailey to Mitro + Kulu after GW 2. Looking for feedback on the swap and possible better alternatives than Kulu

  5. Son + Jesus/Darwin to Kulu + Haaland? Kneejerky I know.. but I feel like it is what should have been there anyway.

  6. I went Kane over Haaland. Mount instead of Kulu. TAA and Robbo got me two points.But god I love this game and the banter surrounding it.

  7. I don't see a Villains of the Week post. Someone please make it. Preferably someone who scored <50 so we can feel the rage and hatred flowing through you

  8. Hold for a week. There are so many options around that price point I think more info is needed, plus I expect Sancho to start most games

  9. Thoughts on Dier -> Zinchenko for GW2 to make a cheeky £0.1mil, and then Trippier -> Dier for GW3? Spurs play at Chelsea GW2 whilst Newcastle play City GW3.

  10. Transfers are so much more valuable than making a £0.1. You’re wasting TWO transfers just to get back to Dier. Bad move

  11. Scenes when those who’ve already played their wild card learn there’s three more weeks until the transfer window closes.

  12. I am in the exact same situation as you. But I still believe Perisic has a chance to bring in points even if he enters late. It depends how late and how much the game is played on his side of the field. I'd hold on to Perisic at least for another couple of weeks. It depends how confident you are with the rest of your team imho, and how much you are going to adjust for each fixture.

  13. i am seeing people actually using wildcards 😆 as if they only realized this weekend that haaland will score goals

  14. The last 2 seasons my TC has gone wildly wrong (both in DGW’s) and I swear to fuck I’m really tempted at Haaland at home to the leagues worst team after that

  15. Is it worth having Haaland, Salah AND Son in the team? I managed to squeeze them all in, but my defence now is: Walker-Jonny-Cucurella-Zinchenko. If I sacrifice Son I can have: Walker-Cancelo-Cucurella-James

  16. 3 premiums is never the way man. Premiums are only worth it if you're going to captain them regularly. Also think you're mad not having trent and/or robbo.

  17. People shitting on people moving Kane out for Haaland but it really isn't a bad decision. A lot of people had it booked in anyway, others would be priced out of it not moving now, and I'll eat shit if Kane returns against Chelsea tbf.

  18. Simply not a good use of transfers. Haaland vs westham was not a bad fixture at all. If you wanted him for bournemouth then you should have put him in gameweek 1.

  19. I picked Mahrez on the basis that, with Sterling and Jesus gone, the RW would be his. But Pep decides to go with Foden instead..

  20. Pep absolutely could rotate foden or play him LW, the only thing you can be sure of is that no one will know if mahrez will start or not before the line up comes out.

  21. I took a punt on Lingard, I really don't like the look of him or Nottingham Forest. Best 6.0 or less mid to swap for him? I'm thinking a Leeds mid or Martinelli (though I already have Saka and Jesus)?

  22. Who’s ready to see a Kane hattrick against Chelsea and Haaland to get injured in training now that I dropped Kane for Haaland?

  23. Lol, Haaland to the press after the game: "It's been 30 minutes since the last goal, let's get this going already" 😂

  24. Does anyone have a link to FPL Mate's team? If he kept his team as it was in his "final team" video on YouTube then he's been utterly fucked.

  25. With UCL Fantasy experience in mind, Haaland is an absolute fantasy beast. The only person who can stop him from dominating FPL is Pep himself.

  26. I think it is if you want to make sure you don't miss out on price rises. And remember there is an extra wildcard with the world cup this year. But it's up to you.

  27. I already went Kane -> Haaland. Should I take a hit to move Mahrez as well (potentially Kulu, as I have no other Spurs attacking coverage)?

  28. I’m currently in the same boat, moved Kane to halaand. Now to decide whether to move mahrez or mount to kulu or wait till an easier fixture comes by the week after.

  29. Hi everyone, how can i check who got week awards? Is there any way to check global rankings but to filter out people who used boosts? I had 110 points without boosts. Guess it's a good first week

  30. Yes. Kane not getting any returns while Spurs scored 4 goals was just unlucky and my plan was always to roll the transfer. My cheeks will definitely be clenched next week, but I'm sticking to my plan.

  31. Got 3 city players, which means I need to take a hit to get rid of Mahrez and get in Haaland. Totally forgot about that scenario happening, even though I was planning on getting Haaland eventually, im such a moron.

  32. The cheek of this balding fuck Andy trying to play it coy and saying "some weeks I will reveal my team and some weeks I won't..."

  33. Why do you care what his team looks like? I only watch creators for more general advice, I couldn’t give a shit what players they actually have in their team

  34. Terrible move. No reason to remove Saka and TAA, who are two of the best assets in the game. Just do Havertz to Jesus or Mitrovic and take no hits.

  35. 68 points. I'll take it. Knee jerking Perisic out for Zinchenko and hoping to catch a price rise. I'm content with Arsenal's fixtures over the next few weeks although now I'm lacking some Spurs coverage.

  36. I have Watkins but I need to downgrade him so I can go from sancho to saka, would toney be the best option or am I better to go with mitrovic and keep 0.5 ITB?

  37. Sancho replacement options ? I questioned myself many times when I put him , there has to be other players for a cheaper price, no? He’s £7.5

  38. Okay can anyone help me understand how is the average so high while out of 12 players who got double digits score only 3 had ownership of more than 10% before the GW started?

  39. At least 2 of the 12 were solid captain picks, virtually everyone has 1-2 City defenders who had a clean sheet + plenty of the popular picks returned (Martinelli, Saka, Kulu) with even a few of the enabler picks seeing returns (KDH, DaSilva)

  40. I have Cucurella in my squad that I bought before the Chelsea transfer. I decided to keep him after Chelsea transferred him and took risk by putting him in my 11. That Cucurella blocked my 8-point Toney performance by blanking.

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