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  1. Will I start trippier, da silva or Andreas this week? Other X players are set. I’ve currently got andreas in but he’s flagged and I’m not sure da silva will keep scoring every time he shoots, and Newcastle playing City could be a potential duck egg for trippier.

  2. Should i replace neto or hold on? If i should offload him who do i bring, i have 6.5m (including selling neto) who should i bring, id like a differential type player

  3. Best midfielder under 8.2 mil ? Bringing out Saka and rashford for martinelli and who else? Foden? Mount ? Kulu ? Diaz ? Anyone else… thanks

  4. Any suggestions on tranferring Neto out have 0.9 in the bank and already used one of my two transfers on rashford to martinelli

  5. Is it work taking a hit on Tripier to James this week (have 1m itb from the free transfer). Or wait for free transfer next week?

  6. No need to transfer just yet, let’s wait for GW2 to finish first. But for bus team I would captain salah and maybe vc Jesus or Haaland.

  7. Thinking of benching James and Trippier for GW2 and leaving Cancelo, TAA, Robbo at the back. Then bringing on Bailey and Pereira in the midfield.

  8. James is one of those guys that can haul against anyone. It could backfire like everything, but I’d definitely start him. Takes most set piece kicks and corners, bombs forward, bps magnet. Him, Cancelo and TAA I start no matter the fixture when healthy

  9. Interesting, I like the KDB, Salah, Kane core. It comes down to: does KDB alongside a Leicester goalie and less attacking full backs get you more points than Diaz > KDB; Another goalie not from Leicester > Leicester; Cancello > Walker. I’m not convinced it does

  10. I went for Ederson and Rashford. Figured doubling up on a Man City defence was good, and not convinced of an attacking option which will get minutes each week other than KDB who is worth $$$

  11. I also wound up with Alvarez, so we'll both be cheering for him to get minutes and goals. I'm more concerned with your defenders because of rotation, and even worse, less-than 60 minutes of playing time. Maybe try to add Kristensen from Leeds and hope like heck that Leeds can deliver some clean sheets

  12. Cash will start GW1 against a team that will likely struggle to score. So will Chelsea, but will Cucurella play 60 minutes with teammates he has barely met?

  13. This seems to be a version of the Robertson-Diaz debate. Substitute Saka and ignore the arguments about a third Liverpool asset. Given Liverpool's defensive strength and relatively weak schedule, I'm going with Robertson. Especially in the next couple of weeks, I think others in this forum have a good point that Martinelli's expected returns are similar enough to Saka to make him look like a delightfully cheaper alternative

  14. Sterling, but 10m mid feels quite dangerous at the moment given you are basically 2 mil out on any other assets if you need to swap.

  15. Tough call. Neco Williams (and Neto) may appreciate in price because ownership is so high. So, you may want to grab the cheap player while you can, especially if your 5th defender will be on the bench. I like Podence better than Neto with Jimenez out, but hard to say whether the Wolves are any more likely to score vs Leeds than Rashford is likely to score vs Brighton or Brentford.

  16. I think I'll go Trippier. I think Walker is probably more likely to get a CS than Trippier an attacking return, but hopefully Newcastle are better at the back having added Burn and Pope. I'm mainly having a bit of fun with this selection, I think Walker is safer, Trippier is the gamble that could pay off, he also has worse fixtures.

  17. It's crazy to do it for that reason yes, but I think Saka > Kulu anyway, so doing it for the fact he is a better pick is fine

  18. Mount since he's playing Everton, and then Mount is still an attacking threat against the Spurs, while Kulu scored most of his g + a vs some very weak opponents and may have limited playing minutes with Richarlison making his Spurs debut.

  19. Love the differentials. Hope you are right to zag when others zig. But, please tell me you are starting Sa, not Travers...

  20. Pref B) slightly but only because I don't think Sterling is worth 10m. I think Diaz and Gabriel are still great picks.

  21. Walker to start with definitely (Trippier has LIV & MCU in his first 5), but Trippier for a season keeper. I'd go Walker because we have extra WCs this year

  22. Walker+Saka. Agree that option 2 makes MF quite light, but Cancelo... That said, I don't expect Man City to get a clean sheet vs West Ham. With TAA+Robbo, you have the option of moving to Cancelo for GW2 by transferring out one of them - and then if you are willing to make a second move - you could still bring in Foden/Mahrez. Since you want to access to 8m MF to move in a ManCity attacker in GW2, tbh, I'd go with Mount, who plays Everton. Mount vs Everton > Saka vs Crystal Palace.

  23. Light MF is the tradeoff for Haaland + Kane. I know it's tempting, but realistically I don't think it would outscore a balanced team over next 5 - 8 gameweeks.

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