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  1. Please I have to make a team in less than an hour and dont know where to start, I just need a good team that doesn't have any arsenal players, pls help : (

  2. Kane Salah Diaz: city midfielders are currently unpredictable better to look at them later on, Kane already proven in PL, will get more assists and is less injury prone, Salah is a no brainer he has had more 250+ seasons than Son, and Kane being all there from the start this year could off load some goals from Son

  3. It’s a tough one but I’d personally be leaning towards A. Cancelo looks like a must have and if he is a flop, is very easy to get out. But White is a risky punt.

  4. I think Kulu will be good but with the addition of Richarlison, he will likely be rotated a lot. Diaz on the other hand looks pretty nailed and dangerous with Jota sidelined

  5. I think no Jesus and no playing subs for striker is dangerous, but given you're planning early WC it could work. Given you have KDB, I would probably downgrade Cancelo>Dias and then go Rashford>Bailey and e.g Plange>Martial. Otherwise, you could also do Perisic>Walker and Martinelli>Neto and then afford to get Jesus.

  6. Gabriel as your 2 arsenal players aren’t defenders so each aren’t really affected by a bad attacking/defensive display. Just would transfer one or 2 out if they’re playing big clubs which I don’t think they are to start the season

  7. RMT first time playing before season start :) very unsure about everything, especially Haaland v. Kane, Fernandes and 5 at the back.

  8. Start with haaland move to kane later on city's fixtures are just too good to miss. Bruno is a diffrent pick only 3.5% could be a really good differential imo but he is really hit or miss. Otherwise decent team

  9. What's the fantasy football free bet site, where you pick like 5 players score to be over a certain amount?

  10. Deffo B. Foden and eduard are both getting rotated whereas kane Neto and andreas will play every game assuming they're fit

  11. Solid template team maybe try bring someone in as a punt to get points others won't cause its typical that at least 2 of theese players will underperform

  12. Solid team but you have a lot of faith in arsenal's attack which would be the only weakness I can see. If arsenal blank which they did a lot last season you're losing a lot of points.

  13. You should upgrade the midfield I think. Something like Ederson>Iversen and Murphy>Sancho perhaps? Gabriel>Walker if you want the City coverage in defense. Basically you don't want Martinelli and Bailey starting together.

  14. Team is pretty template I would use the 1.5 mil to take a punt on someone low owned like benrahma or maybe lingard

  15. Not getting much luck on the draft subreddit so asking here. Would you swap Tielemans for one of Aaronson, Rodrigo, Harrison or Hwang? Thanks

  16. Ngl probably one of the weakest teams i've seen on here. Feel like one of TAA/Robbo is essential as you said.

  17. Both teams look great. I currently have 5 atb, with James & Trippier instead of Perisic & Walker. Not sure Perisic has featured much in pre-season, not to say he won't start.

  18. Thinking about going without Jesus as I have Saka in my team. What are the top 8m midfielders (excl. Saka and Diaz)? Are any of them going to score more points than Jesus in the first few fixtures?

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