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  1. I don't hate it. But I'm partial to have 3x Liverpool and having at least someone from City's attack. Grealish for me due to pricepoint. But overall a strong team. Just think Bowen as good as he is has some tough fixtures and you might be better served with Diaz or Mount or Mahrez.

  2. Nice team. I only question James, Chelsea are having a horror pre season. Could downgrade to someone like Zinchenko and upgrade Neto or your bench.

  3. I wouldn't double up on Newcastle defense personally. Pope to Mendy/Ramsdale or else Trippier to Doherty or a 4.5 like Dalot and use the .5 elsewhere.

  4. C looks great, however I think you need that premium who's reliable for captaining, you might not want to captain any of those every GW.

  5. Really nice team. I’d keep what you have over Watkins/white. Martial and Zinchenko both feel more explosive to me. Given Chelsea’s pre season I’d stray away from Mount but Chelsea always seem to do well in adversity lol so who knows

  6. DDG > Ramsdale if you need the cash or Ederson for the amazing defensive fixgures if you don't want to block off your third City spot.

  7. I like it, I'd rather have Kane or Haaland and either Son or KDB so to have a premium in midfield, but this works. My main concern would be Grealish, Diaz and Sancho could all see rotation.

  8. Meslier (Caballero) Trent Cancelo Doherty Dalot (Neco) Salah Neto Bailey (Andreas) (Dasilva) Kane Harland Jesus (Archer)

  9. Neto to start with, we know more of him in the Wolves setup, he has had a decent pre season (i think) and wolves start with decent fixtures.

  10. I would put Rashford to Bailey and use those 1.5 to upgrade Grealish to 8.0 and maybe upgrade Raya if you want with remaining 0.5

  11. Personally It’s more fun having a striker than sweating on a clean sheet every weekend. Think Darwin for £9m is being slept on, could see him rising with a good start.

  12. Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd in their 5 opening fixtures isn’t very good. From GW 6-13 their only bad fixture is Spurs really so I think we’ll see an uptick in people getting them then

  13. Would suggest take Sancho out for Rashford, swap KDB with Salah and going for a wolves attacking wingback at 4.5 to replace Lamptey if you wanted to keep Sanchez/Steele.

  14. Solid squadron. You could always keep the 0.5 in the bank, you know? It might help with shifting Grealish if he ends up being a pain in the arse due to Pep roulette!

  15. Personally, I think your bench isnt good enough, especially since many of your players are a rotation risk (Haaland, Martinelli, Mahrez). I would downgrade Reece (shaky Chelsea defence) and upgrade a 4.5 mid to Bailey or Neto. At least one of your starters wont play every gameweek.

  16. Chelsea defence has looked very shaky and the fullback seem less attacking. I would downgrade James and upgrade Martinelli to someone with a higher ceiling.

  17. Yeah Awoniyi is definitely more nailed so I'd stick with him. I'd upgrade Justin (rotation risk) to Gabriel/Zinchenko personally.

  18. Personally I'm not convinced by Darwin just yet. He will probably still need time to adapt to the EPL style. I'd downgrade him and upgrade Martinelli/Neto to a 8.0 MID. Rest of the team looks great!

  19. I think this team personally is too light in midfield. There is a lot of value in the sub 9m range in midfield that this team is ignoring.

  20. Very punty. Don't mind most of these individually but you've gone a long way off template which could really hurt you early on.

  21. I think expecting to be playing Pereira, Martinelli and Pereira on a week to week basis without a bench is asking for trouble.

  22. The problem with threemium is you only get the benefit of captaining one of them. Look at your 3 premiums and you'll realise you won't be captaining one of them that often.

  23. It looks like he's going to be a starter with attacking potential so for 4.5m he could be a bargain, I'd be more worried about your bench to be honest

  24. Perisic likely won't play 60mins if he starts. Better to wait and see for him. Chelsea is in shambles ATM, so their defence should be avoided until they sort it out

  25. Great team. Personally I'd go Martinelli over Odegaard (inconsistent returns) and Diaz over Kulu (not nailed after GW1) but still like it.

  26. I like the 2nd one more, sancho is imo worth a lot more than rashford, and I think Diaz is a better pick than mount in the 8m section

  27. Is it risky going triple arsenal with Gabriel, Saka and Jesus or should I do Saka to Mount to balance things out

  28. In response to your question, going triple of any team is a risky move. I don't think Chelsea are in-form at the moment. I would wait and see.

  29. Don't focus on ideas of "coverage" in terms of teams. Rather, look at the coverage of price points. Knowing how many one or two steps away a player or players are is important so you can pick up players you like as the season progresses and in form players reveal themselves.

  30. You have 11.5m to spend on a defender and a midfielder who will both be starting in a 4-3-3 who do you pick?

  31. Save the 0.5, always useful to have some in the bank. If you really want to spend it, Raya to Mendy maybe?

  32. Nice team. I don't think you need both Raya and Sanchez though. I'd downgrade one to a 4.0 and then you have £1.0 ITB to upgrade your keeper/defence.

  33. I'd swap Martinelli in for Odegaard as he looks pretty nailed for the early GWs and is scoring goals in preseason. Other than that I like it!

  34. Great team! Personally, I'd rather get a 5.0 GK or Alisson if you're willing to go without Diaz. Just feel like Ederson wont be getting many bonus/saves points.

  35. I prefer Trippier. There's also the option of starting with Cash and then within the first 3 gameweeks seeing if there's a better alternative to jump on.

  36. Has the FPL app (Android) improved at all? I've always been a website user but this season's website is so atrocious for Android

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