Rate My Team, Quick Questions & General Advice Daily Thread

  1. strong team, ngl. Very similar to mine. (Dubravka, Robbo, Kulu, Son, Richarlison -> DDG, Cancelo, Bowen, Jota, Antonio is my squad - i prefer yours if im honest), son and kulu better choices.

  2. I used my wildcard and i planned a bench boost team for the remainder of the season with 0.8m in the bank just in case of injuries.

  3. If Liverpool score against City, its likely it comes from a set piece. I would hold VVD for this week and maybe think about the transfer to cancelo later? if you can work robbo in over VVD that would be an improvement.

  4. Raphi is a solid pick for this weekend, coin toss between Maddison at home vs a tough palace team having also played midweek, and Kulu away with a full weeks rest. Kulu edges it for me

  5. Best sub-4.4 defender? I'm using FH in 33 and 36 so don't need to worry about those. Looking at the likes of Cedric, Tavares, Holding, Fofana, Clyne, Holgate etc

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