Rate My Team, Quick Questions & General Advice Daily Thread

  1. You are gaining 2 matches in 29 but losing 1 match in 30 for a -4. You could just Coutinho to Kulu without a hit, play Kilman on 30 and buy VVD for 31?

  2. Planning for a straight swap to Mane from Bruno. I’ve Son, Salah, Ramsey and Saka currently. I think Mane can do well this DGW. What can one suggest?

  3. I have a VERY similar team, see post above, also with 9 dgws and 2 Chelsea defenders. I’m leaning toward BB29 and FH30. Think I like your team even more than mine. Way I look at it, if Southampton fare well v Watford (not at all out of the realm of possibility), that’s 50% of my BB which could make it an overall nice BB haul plus frees up your bench for remainder of the season. Good luck on what you decide to do.

  4. Looks good. Ramsdale vs Dubravka not sure who to play vs bench. Leaning towards play Dubravka at the moment since Arsenal conceded 2 to Watford.

  5. First time player here. Is it worth transferring out Rudi for James for team value? He'll prolly increase twice this week for after this game, with Norwich to play.

  6. You don't need 11 players for 30 though. 7-9 should be enough. You only want to bring in good players from good teams for 31+.

  7. Trent over Robbo for me. I’d probably go Cancelo over Livra too because I don’t know if Livra is nailed

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