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  1. Out of those 3 I think it'd be Mahrez, it's tight though, mainly because he didn't start on the weekend so he should really play, and he's on pens

  2. Sounds good. Would do Edouard instead of King because King is nailed and Palace has been pretty bad recently

  3. Looks great. Nothing to change. This is almost my team. I only have Adams and Sancho instead of Broja and Bruno.

  4. King -> Weghorst seems perfect. Don't know will Reguilon be fit tho, if he isn't I'd get Mee or Targett in for him

  5. No. Freehit cancels all your transfers when using it + you will always have only 1 transfer to use after freehitting

  6. Yeah I'd do it. Foden has played a lot recently and Mahrez was benched against Spurs. Can see Foden getting benched for him next game

  7. Do you expect Bruno & Sterling to have a similar EO in the Top 100k this week or Bruno to be significantly higher?

  8. I’ve got 4 chips left, TC, 2FH and WC What is the best way to use them from here? I should be able to field a team this week coming

  9. Guys, I would love your advice on this I currently have 10 players available for gw 27. I was thinking of transferring out saka for Mahrez for a -4 Midfield consists of coutinho Bowen and son Defence Laporte cancelo digne Attack king Dennis broja

  10. Tough decision to take, mate. It’s just about decent enough if you don’t go the FH route but potential upside on FH is something that cannot be ignored. You’d have to weigh this against when you’re going to WC and use the FHs if you decide to not FH this gameweek.

  11. Is everyone free hitting next week? I have 3x Liverpool/Arsenal but can still field a full side so I don't mind, I just don't know if I'd be saving it for no good reason.

  12. Would you field a team with 11 playing (not sure) players without any of Son, Kane, City players and Burnley players ?

  13. Is Gundogan nailed? Except for the last game he's either not playing or come on as a sub for a number of weeks now

  14. Weghorst is defintely worth moving for. Not so sure about Pope though. De Gea has every chance of keeping a clean sheet against Watford whereas I won't be surprised if Burnley lose both CS against Palace and Leicester.

  15. You could take a punt on one of the Man City mids in place of Salah if you WC in 28 like most are planning to do. Or else you could try Jota to Gundogan just as a Man City cover. I won't FH with that squad you have.

  16. if you have 10 players in gw27, would you do a fh? i was thinking to save my last fh for gw 30 where theres likely only going to be 3-4 matches due to the fa cup

  17. You should absolutely have an Arsenal defender there. White if you want someone cheap. Tierney or Gabriel if you want some attacking returns. I would look at replacing Coady seeing you already have Sa.

  18. Depending on when you wanna play WC, you have different routes you can take. If you're WCing in 28 like many are, you could easily get Kane or Son in the WC.

  19. Is there a big issue going Salah -> Son for next GW and then bring Salah in for De Bruyne the next after that? Considering I have the funds I don’t really see an issue with it. Not free hitting so this is the best way to field 11 players.

  20. Who do you think is the best cheap defender i'm considering roberts livramento or amartey? I'm not using a free hit.

  21. I have 11 players for GW 27, though not the greatest and not set up for 28-29. Is it viable to wildcard in 27 and bench boost in 28? common consensus seems to be just to wildcard in 28. But a bench boost wont be possible in 28.

  22. I have WC and FH left, as it stands I only MAXIMUM of 11 play in gw27, but included in that 11 is Gray, Williams, Edouard and Watkins, I also only have 2 players that are 100% playing in gw30, what’s the best plan for me? I’m really stuck

  23. Looks great. What would you say about making your bench a bit cheaper and getting Mahrez instead of Foden?

  24. Can someone please tell me if i should take a -8. I’ve already took -4 to bring in Son instead of Coutinho and Livramento instead of Digne. I currently have 10 players playing. My current team is:

  25. Arsenal vs Villa, Brentford vs Leicester and Wolves vs Leeds are the only guaranteed games. Next most likely game is Southampton vs Burnley.

  26. Looking to transfer Bowen > Chelsea mid as a differential for GW28. Ziyech, Havertz or Mount? Ziyech has really good form but he is the least nailed imo.

  27. I'd go with Mount but it remains to be seen how he's playing after the injury. Chelsea has looked good only when he plays of late I suppose.

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