Rate My Team, Quick Questions & General Advice Daily Thread

  1. Currently have 2 Liverpool and 2 Arsenal players that aren't going to play. Should I take a -4 on one of them to bring somebody in for a full 11? have 3.5 itb

  2. If you're pretty confident on the rest of your players, and think they could score, you might be OK on ten. Depends who you're taking out and if you want the replacement longer term.

  3. Looking for Chelsea/Southampton/Wolves replacements. Any suggestions? I still have 1.9m spare, also FH and WC available

  4. When are people wildcarding if they haven’t already & why? I still have both my free hits and wildcard, but if I wc 28 then I don’t need to free hit in 30

  5. Im gonna go w Adam or Broja, because United will have challenging upcoming fixtures and Ralf loves rotating the squad, so not so sure

  6. Don't know whether to FH27 or not with my current team, as I want to get Weghorst in - that'd still leave me with just 10 players.

  7. Thinking I should take a hit this week for Salah & King -> Sterling & Weghorst to field 11, and WC in 28. I only have one FH left and plan to use it in 30. Thoughts?

  8. If you are on FH I suggest double attack because you will have playing subs (I guess) and I believe double attack has higher ceiling. But for the long term I would rather have double defence.

  9. I have 11 Players this week but those include Rotation Risks Livra, dalot & Foden (maybe cancelo but doubt) is that risky? Should I Transfer Out one of them?

  10. I think a -4 is worth it particularly if you’re bringing in at least one DGW player (say Weghorst). That way you likely will at least break even with a 4 pointer compared to someone who didn’t play at all. Then you can WC in 28 if you want

  11. I am in the same position. I have 10 players and I am thinking about taking -4 and saving free hit. You still have transfer or you already calculated it?

  12. This is my first FPL season, I started off not knowing the rules and made mistakes so I was ranked around 4 million for the first few weeks. Now I'm up to around 900k rank. Obviously not great, but do you guys think that's decent for a first try? And how high up could I realistically finish? Thanks for all your tips which have helped me learn the ropes!

  13. Don't really know. They did really well against City so pretty hard to see Conte rushing him back when he's not 100% fit

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