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  1. You're probably looking at ASM, Benteke or Armstrong in that price range for the ST. Jiminez is only good for one more week I would say, and whereas Bamford may be worth a punt (he played yesterday for U23) by the time he gets to match fitness Leeds fixtures turn as well.

  2. I've got 2 FTs, no funds, and not a clue what to do. I need to get rid of Christensen (and maybe Dias?), but beyond that I'm out of ideas.

  3. While Mane is a great differential, he’s placing extreme restrictions on your team, particularly the defence, with Jota starting and AFCON coming up, I would go Mane to Jota (such a sideways move but it frees up so much money) and get in Cancelo or James at the back.

  4. no need to second guess now. You've done your transfers. It is really marginal, Gilmour possible better than Brownhill, but in an ideal world your team will not rely on either.

  5. I have 2 FT burning a hole in my pocket. Is Rudiger > Alonso a pointless move? Or should I move Duffy on to bench Williams?

  6. I somehow prefer the Brighton fixture against West Ham. Williams is the kind of player only ever to ride the bench if you have him I think.

  7. Mbeumo seems the obvious choice. You get exactly the same return whether you have him or a cheap 2-pointer. Depends how much value you need. I guess if I was planning to do B, I would hold off for another week until the fixtures turn.

  8. Not set up for this week really. Is it worth using wild card now? Or any dgws early in the new year worth waiting for?

  9. Would consider downgrading ederson, upgrading dias to cancelo, and moving christensen to either James or alonso. Where's TAA?

  10. As an Arsenal fan, very very unlikely he gets benched. Been one of our best players, and Saka looks to be injured (Pepe or Martinelli will come in)

  11. Fairly new to Fantasy, hearing talks of people possibly triple captaining Salah this week, does that mean the triple captain applies to both the Everton and Wolves match at the weekend?

  12. Nah, it’s not a double gameweek, afaik. If you triple captain Salah, it is just going to be for GW14.

  13. just the everton match - and in my mind, I wouldn't TC someone involved in a derby match, yes everton have been really poor recently but i'd be surprised if they didn't try and rise to the challenge vs liverpool

  14. Would transferring Tsimikas for Ben Johnson be a good transfer? Im not sure now that Coufal is back that Johnson will continue to play. Im aware Tsimikas won’t play much for Liverpool anymore but is Johnson the best player to go for (under 4.5M Im looking for)

  15. With the form Jota is in, probably yes. Salah, Mane and Jota are all firing. As good as Son is who can turn up at any time, just any Liverpool player is more guaranteed goals than Tottenham. Plus you save 2.6M

  16. No certain answer simply because of his varied performances although last game he was fantastic. Tierney is waiting in the wings though.. Could easily be a rotation policy.

  17. saka to Bilva personally I dont like the idea of tripling up on defence for any team cause it could really hurt you one week if they concede an unlucky goal

  18. Struggling with how I can improve this team this week. Thinking of getting rid of White and Guaita for Alonso and keeper fodder but can you see any other good moves? Would like to use at least 1FT

  19. If Foden is fit, is is worth it to go Duffy -> Johnson or rather roll the transfer? If he’s not fit to start, I’m replacing.

  20. Imo it doesn't look like Duffy is a nailed starter any more which is unfortunate, Duffy -> Johnson sounds like a good move.

  21. Sorry I'm going to be no help here. But what is the deal with Johnson? Is he a preferred defensive pick over other defenders or is he just covering injuries?

  22. Last word we had of Foden was that he was "training much better", and this was before the Man City game on Sunday in which he didn't play. I wouldn't be surprised if he was back soon, but we don't know anything else at the moment currently.

  23. ESR imo. Cornet's points are way higher than his expected points, so might drop off. Arsenal are a better team, Gives ESR more routes to points via CS, Assists etc.

  24. So, I have the exact change to get Kane or CR7 in… plan was always to get the latter in eventually but is there any reason not to get him now?!

  25. Hwang. ESR has 1 shot a game on average, that purple patch was quite jammy in that he had a few big deflected goals.

  26. I have exactly the right amount of money to go Saka to Raphina this week. If I knew Saka was fit I wouldn’t do the switch but wary of not having enough players this GW if he doesn’t play and have a free transfer to use.

  27. I definitely wouldn't bring Raph in. Most people are thinking about when to get him out, his fixtures are about to turn to shit. There's something satisfying about having 0.0 ITB but it's really not a good reason to make a transfer.

  28. Raphina is certainly tempting me atm, with Leeds coming back to full strength and reasonable fixtures you’d hope he’s start firing again. He’s a claw player and great value

  29. Personally yes. Arsenal have had a really really good run of fixtures lately, and they get a fair bit harder. I'm also binning off ESR for this reason.

  30. Could ship Raph too to free up funds? He does have a nice fixture but Leeds have been really bad and he's only got 2 nice games left.

  31. I want to captain son but not capping salah is pretty scary when I know pretty much everyone will, and not capping him in the past has been bad for me

  32. Always just cap Salah, never get fancy. Always just cap Salah, never get fancy. Always just cap Salah, never get fancy. Always just cap Salah, never get fancy. Always just cap Salah, never get fancy. Always just cap Salah, never get fancy. Always just cap Salah, never get fancy.

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