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  1. Zaha. Thoughts on him? Man’s 6.9 and if palace scores it’s def gonna be him who scored or assisted + PENS. I already have sarr n gray, and I couldn’t find a <7 player other than him. Raphinha is injured and leeds are poor, vlasic benrahma fornals rotate with one another and I have Antonio (don’t wanna go double). Arsenal are poor offensively, I don’t think there is anyone else, is there?

  2. Hi guys. I was planning on WC GW7 but I was thinking maybe I dont have to. Maybe 3transfers during next weeks may do the job.

  3. Rate my GW6 wildcard team Sanchez - Steele TAA - Shaw - Duffy - Pinnock - Livramento Salah - Jota - Greenwood - Gray - Brownhill Antonio - Ronaldo - Bamford Left in the bank 0.2m Gonna swap Shaw for Reece James and Ronaldo fro Lukaku for GW7

  4. Missed the deadline and Antonio is still in my team, and my vice captain. Do any bonus points from vc transfer to the first player on my bench?

  5. Could do Benrahma to Gallagher and then you can afford the Ayling upgrade to either Rudiger of James

  6. Not worth it given the tougher transfers and possible rotation from the additional midweek games. Wait and see I reckon

  7. Guys this is my team. What could i change? I’m worried about Ayling. Leeds is losing CS match after match and he is not getting any assists.

  8. Toney out is probably a good move this week. Torres I might consider dropping before Ayling, though, depending on how much he contributes against Southampton. If Torres doesn’t start or doesn’t look good, this is a good exit, before the Chelsea and Liverpool matches.

  9. If someone held a 2 hour podcast, explaining me all the reasons why Salah should not be in my team, they still wouldn't convince me. Salah + Pukki

  10. Went with Torres, trusted my initial instics but brought in Ramsdale and Sanchez out. Hopefully the rumors and what Arteta said in the press conference wasn't bullshit to inspire competition between the two

  11. torres would be most people's answer. but if you have a generally template 10 then it's fine to go for jesus i think. personally i'd do it.

  12. if i have to start one of tsimikas or ben white.... would you suggest i start white or tsimikas (and let white come in anyway if tsimikas isn't playing?)

  13. You will regret it if Tsimikas comes on for a two minute cameo and White is laughing at you from the bench with his clean sheet.

  14. My reluctance to wildcard has left me starting Toney, with no Ronaldo or Lukaku. This could be a big red arrow this week, pray for me

  15. I was in your situation with DCL and Antonio so I did it. Let's hope my WC team doesn't fail me. Good luck mate.

  16. Is there any chance that Amartey starts for Leicester this weekend with Leicester playing in Europe yesterday? Either him or Livramento has to start for me, Livramento I know will start but Amartey has a much bigger chance of CS if he does play

  17. Asked the same question and people which were more smarter than me told that there is no chance of Amartey starting.

  18. Went obafemi & regulion to Marcal & ASM on 2FT. Didn't want to go the CR7 route as it'd mean taking out Antonio and Fernandes and I was week elsewhere

  19. Semedo. Tierney has been more injury prone in the past, and Matip isn’t a good use of a Liverpool spot. Stats suggest Semedo should deliver at some point during nice fixture run.

  20. I’d just suck it up and start Veltman. Antonio is looking as good as a premium, you’ll probably want him for next two fixtures after.

  21. i'd say that keeping in mind their opponents, they have more or less the same chance of goal involvement. Ayling is giving you advantage because of CS possible bonus, so i'd go with him.

  22. Webster is likely to be out until the international break, so would miss 3 gws. I'd take the hit tbh, given Wolves fixtures

  23. Yeah, most likely won't play, but yes ... keep in that order ... so Brownhill can come in if Amartey doesn't

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