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  1. Barnes or Benrahma? Currently have 1M ITB but if I replace Barnes with Benrahma I’ll have more. Also, is Barnes nailed for GW1?

  2. my rationale behind going for less owned bench fodders for fwd and midfield is, if the template changes 2 game weeks later and the chosen formation hevaily favours 3-5-2 or 3-4-3, plenty of people will move those bench fodders out and that means a price drop.

  3. Smith Rowe or Ricardo Pereira? I know they are different positions, I can change formation, I’m just looking at my best eleven for now.

  4. Is it worth getting anwar El Ghazu... If I do it it'll mean I have triple villa and on top of Tsimikas it means that there are at least 2 players that i will definitely have to transfer in the first 5 gws. Best to vary up right?

  5. Bamf Ings Toney Nacho (but only because Leicester don't seem to be playing 2 strikers at the moment)

  6. I can't believe I'm about to go through with no Bruno. Will probably have to load up double transfers to get Kane/Lukaku/Bruno/whoever else in later. I think this team can get me through the 1st 4 GWs barring major injuries.

  7. Someone did the maths and suggested that Cavani won't be available for a while. Like closer to end of September. I'd steer clear.

  8. We have almost identical squads. Was thinking of downgrading Bruno with Sancho just so that I could keep Son and upgrade Toney with Bamford. Who would you downgrade Son with? What would you improve?

  9. I'm thinking for game week 1 the safer bet is Tsimi. It's up in the air whether firmino or jota play but Tsimi is 90% to start over milner in LB

  10. New to this and it’s my first time but I’ve basically got similar to this except I’ve got greenwood in mid and toney and ings upfront.

  11. RMT 0itb Sanchez Shaw Taa coufal veltman tsmikas Salah Bruno son (Harrison, brown hill) Ings Antonio (obafemi)

  12. Good to go. You could maybe downgrade one of your 3 4.5 defenders to a 4.0 fodder to free up more funds. In case you want to jump on any bandwagons

  13. RMT | 0 ITB Sanchez (Foster) Shaw TAA Coufal (White, Tsimikas) Greenwoods, Salah, Bruno, Buendia (Gilmour) Ings, Antonio, Toney

  14. Leaves you with quite a lot left over on the bench, how set on connolly are you. I'd probably downgrade and go Maguire to shaw and maybe upgrade Amartey?

  15. Pick one out of Meslier & Sanchez, not both, and get a 4.0. Looks good otherwise. Don't feel you need to invest all your budget either. Remember that any price changes in the first week are equivalent to 0.5m

  16. A bit risky with Tsimikas/Amartey, maybe downgrade one of your other defender and upgrade Amartey to a £4.5m (Ayling or similar)

  17. I'd maybe look at downgrading Armstrong to a 4.5 as he's quite a lot to have on the bench. Then with that 1.5 either now or GW2 go havertz to son. I like the Guita move though

  18. This looks great but I'd be even more comfortable with Antonio over toney especially with how thin the bench is. Obvs you'd have to find the 1 mil though but a downgrade of a mid could allow that and an upgrade of amartey. But if you're set on toney team looks nice

  19. Lots of people are keen on Gundo until KDB is healthy again. Just a matter of rolling the dice with Pep's rotation.

  20. A) Veltman+Ayling+Ings (rotating between Veltman and Ayling with Ayling starting GWs 3+5 unless Brighton’s defense turns out to be amazing/Everton are shit/Leeds are shit)

  21. Who are your other defenders I have the Veltman and Ayling rotation but with tsimikas in too alongside shaw + TAA

  22. Probably grealish and Coufal although their is no certainty grealish will start immediately and if so where does he play

  23. I’d say maybe downgrade Armstrong at least for now and get some more insurance at the back Amartey probably not nailed for too long with vestergaard coming in. Rest of the team looks good

  24. Both will end up with similar points end of the year imo. Ings for start of the season hopefully he can stay fit

  25. Why does Foster have such high ownership? Am I not better having Steele as my 4.0 for the double up and so I don’t run the risk of price drop

  26. Brighton bought a new gk so steele probably isn't 2nd choice. Although unlikely there is a chance foster play

  27. Iheanacho is a bit of a risk as he may not start. A safer pick would be Antonio but other than that looks like a good team.

  28. Good Team. Brave to go without A Liverpool def considering vvd is back and Trent is likely to be more attacking now

  29. You have the same team as the person in front :) it's a good template team. Maybe choose a differential player instead of White

  30. which Chelsea defenders should i start with? Don't care about fixtures, positive they are gonne close shop and keep CS

  31. I would chill with Son until we know how he's used in Nuno's team. Gundogan is a known commodity who'll most likely play since KDB and Foden are injured. I'd go with White instead of Amartey but that's just personal preference.

  32. Sanchez Tsimikas - Shaw - Digne Barnes - Maddison - Salah -Fernandes - McGinn Jesus - Bamford Bench - Bachmann, Coady, Bednarek, Cutrone

  33. Going no Salah is too dangerous right now, also the Kane situation is still unclear, and Forster is not a good choice as Southampton are a gigantic mess. These are the ones that scream to me, try to change it around a bit

  34. My team is almost identical, if you wanted to opt for a slightly stronger bench, you could switch to 352 and swap Ings for Barnes which gives you some cash to upgrade a bench player

  35. You definitely need to downgrade some of your midfield so that you've got definite defenders playing, only Shaw of that backline is a certainty. White will most likely, but Tsimikas, Amartey are probably only going to play for a very short time, and Manquillo may not at all.

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