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  1. Nice team. Not sure if Barnes is fit to start 1st GW. Bench maybe too thin to my liking. I think having 2 4.5 def/mids is a good policy.

  2. What would happen if I had 3 people from 1 team in my squad. Then someone else in my squad transfered to that team?

  3. Bachman foster Digne taa shaw white Stones salah sancho mahrez gundo gilmour Antonio DCL obafemi

  4. It's good to have some plans. But I wouldn't think too much ahead with regards to transfers. Team look decent and 1 mil itb allows flexibility. I would rate this team 8.5/10

  5. It’s your team but just my opinion would be is try and get some more wingbacks in your squad e.g. shaw TAA as they will get more attacking returns then people like mings and Vvd

  6. I’d do something with amartey at least as he won’t play, I feel like Gilmor is good value for 4.5 and I think he takes corners. Dcl also might be out for the start with a toe injury.

  7. Seems solid, but risky having such a weak bench imo. Maybe Williams, Gilmour and Davis will be ok but the strategy that has worked best for me before is to have an even spread across pitch and bench. You end up with points being left on the bench sometimes but it’s easier to pick the team with regards fixtures. Just my opinion, but your team has a serious amount of fire power in the starting players

  8. I would switch Dallas to a 4.5 in Brownhill and use that extra 0.5 to upgrade watkins to Ings. i personally dont really like a 4-3-3 formation unless your 3 midfielders are Salah, Fernandes and Son. Barnes might be a risk - you might want to see if he starts for the community shield tonight. Might want to switch Coady for an Arsenal defence in chambers or white given Wolves fixtures. The rest are fine

  9. Second. Leeds are likely to concede, White may not start although unlikely. I rate Mahrez higher than Havertz to start the season. If you can squeeze out an extra 0.5 then I’d upgrade to Mahrez

  10. DCL may have a toe injury. DCL to Toney, 1.0m ITB, upgrade Omobamidele and Duffy to 4.5m rotating defenders and you also have a bench to cover Mahrez, Havertz and Greenwood, expect at least a rotation every GW.

  11. RMT Sachez (meslier) TAA, targett, coufal, shaw (white) Buendia, mahrez, Salah, raphinha, Barnes Watkins (rodrigo) ( toney) 1m ITB

  12. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have no playing subs as anything could happen at the start of the season

  13. For now, I'd downgrade Digne, as he doesn't seem as interesting with Benitez as Everton's manager, and I'd swap Havertz for Mahrez.

  14. Any thoughts on Reguilon? I haven't followed Spurs' preseason much, do we think he's gonna be nailed? There's Coufal and Tierney at the same price, but I'm worried about West Ham regressing hard and Tierney's just another injury magnet. Are there any other 5.0s I should be considering?

  15. RMT - Have rejigged to account for lack of Everton service for DCL and Ings moving to Villa. Unsure about double up on Man U FBs and am debating swapping either AWB or Shaw for Cresswell.

  16. I need a 4.5 DEF with good fixtures for the first 3 GW's (allready have one from Brighton). Anyone from West Ham nailed?

  17. Need help guys. I'm a bit on the edge with Gundogan vs Grealish or if you have suggestions for any other players.

  18. Not bad if lukaku comes in tho I think it might be a good idea to change havertz out to maybe someone like mount as he won’t have as much value

  19. Jota and martial are bad shouts- too much rotation + coady is pointless money if you’re gonna play a back 3. I would stay away from ings now he’s joined villa at least wait until u think he’s clearly no 1 at striker over Watkins. And Fabianski won’t play this season. Choose areola instead

  20. I would downgrade cresswell to coufal, and upgrade dias to robertson. Man City have tough early fixtures, whereas liverpool have amazing ones. And Coufal is just as good, if not better than cresswell imo

  21. Bachman foster Digne taa shaw white manquilo salah sancho mahrez sterling gilmour Toney wood obafemi

  22. Sterling is at such an awkward price point and very susceptible to Pep Roulette. You also have no bench. I recommend Sterling to Son, Wood to a 7.5 and Manquillo to a good 4.5 playing defender.

  23. Honestly leaning towards Son and Havertz. But looking at pre season Man Utd, they've no supply without Bruno. I still feel Bruno will be essential. Hence, i would go for 2.

  24. I like the keeper pairing, I'd do if I could find 0.5. Defence looks sound but no Liverpool. Nice midfield just check wether it looks like Saka starts GW1. DCL might be out with a toe injury. Bench looks solid which will cover Saka

  25. Can I use my chips on my set and forget team? Like before it starts use triple captain or bench boost?

  26. RMT Martinez (foster) TAA, Shaw, Digne (White & Manquillo) Salah, Buendia, Raphinha, Son, Greenwood Toney, Antonio (Obafemi) I have 2 mill left over and don’t know what to do with them, any help appreciated. Also, I’m most likely keeping emi martinez because I love him in real life

  27. I'd upgrade Manquillo to a playing defender, even just a 4.5. Otherwise looks good with 2m in the bank!

  28. Great team, nobody can really tell you to change anything. Just maybe Ings instead of Antonio or Toney but we don't really know if Ings will start GW1 or not.

  29. Greenwood imo. If KDB is out I think Gundogan is likely to play further back with Grealish infront of him and then Ferran Torres as False 9.

  30. This is what Pep does though, says one thing then another thing happens, he's louring punter's into his game of roulette

  31. Nice team, pretty template. Have you got a plan for Greenwood because he’s not guaranteed minutes when everyone is back fit? I don’t know anything about Gibbs-White, is he guaranteed to start? There’s a few 4.5m mids who are - Bissouma, Brownhill, Gilmour.

  32. This is tough. I love Son this season, but Havertz has the hardest fixtures early on, and he is at risk to rotation. For those reason I think I'd take Bruno and Raph

  33. I would love to hear your reasoning behind 2 playing gk's, especially if one is martinez, who should just be a set and forget. Very weak defense, I think Coufal is better value than Cresswell, allowing you to upgrade Ayling to Targett. Not sure about Stones. Midfield is very template, which is good. Would love to hear why you are picking barnes for that 0.5m extra, when leicester havent settled on a formation, and if they play narrow it will be hard to find minutes for barnes. When there are so many good 6.5m options (raphinha, Buendi, Bailey, Bowen), I cant see why you wouldn't free up some money and get them instead. Attack is really weird to me. Watkins is a doubt as to where he plays. Likely to be left wing which will mean less contributions for him. Toney is a very popular pick, personally I dont rate him but I dont blame you for taking him. And Daka is a weird one. Likely to not start and come on from the bench instead. Better off with iheanacho.

  34. ESR is the best option, followed by mbuemo and finally cantwell. Cantwell is a great player, but not in terms of fpl. Mbuemo sometimes plays second striker so he will surely create chances, but esr is clear

  35. Martinez(Foster)-TAA,Cresswell,Targett(Ayling,Shaw)-Salah,Son,Raphinha,Buendia,Bissouma-CalvertLewin,Bamford(Benteke) help please

  36. Whats your thoughts for going with such an expensive bench? And starting a 4.5m bissouma over one of the best fullbacks in the world in Shaw?

  37. IMO I think you need some United attack cover. Take 1m out of your defense, drop Benteke to a 4.5 and upgrade Bissouma to Greenwood?

  38. 1 is the safe, template choice (and what I have), 2 is the bold choice. Depends what sort of manager you are really!

  39. Do you have much in the bank?? My only thinking is Jota is a bench player for Liverpool so will only get about 1 point if he comes on. And at the moment ESR looks like a good shout but if arsenal sign someone like Maddison then his game time might disappear

  40. Not horrible except from Kante/Phillips. Assuming you're playing a 4-4-2, you dont want either of them starting. And if they're on the bench may as well downgrade one/both to Bissouma/Gilmour

  41. Solid picks all round there, have Steele on the bench though, it makes way more sense to pair him up with Sanchez, once casuals realise Foster is the no 2, his value will drop

  42. Without a trusted striker he's playing the false 9 role which means he's OOP having a higher chance of returns. If Lukaku comes in, all that changes

  43. He's expected to play more than Ziyech and Pulisic. Mount is a safer pick in terms of minutes but probably fewer goals/assists.

  44. Henderson possibly out recovering from long term COVID. If you bring him down to a 4.5 you have some solid options like Jota to Grealish or Antonio to Ings, maybe one of your 4.5 defenders to Coufal or something. This is a good squad, just giving you some options

  45. Digne because Rafa prefers 5atb and his wing-backs really go forward and if dcl hopefully finishes well then might get some assists while Cresswell will play as LCB if Moyes starts 5atb so his assists actually depends on the headers of the CBs, otherwise no chance

  46. Cresswell imo. Rafa likes to use his fullbacks offensively but if DCL is actually injured Everton's attack is extremely limited.

  47. If your last defender is a 4.0 then you have to find an extra .5 to have 1 playing bench option. If it’s a 4.5 already then you’re good

  48. I’ve heard someone saying that DCL is injured, but I’ve not got it confirmed anywhere… anyone who knows?

  49. I’ve heard someone saying that DCL is injured, but I’ve not got it confirmed anywhere… anyone who knows?

  50. I’ve heard someone saying that DCL is injured, but I’ve not got it confirmed anywhere… anyone who knows?

  51. I think u can fit Mahrez or maybe Fernandez if you squeeze 1.0. from Pepe and a 1-1.5 from your strikers. Arsenal weeks 2-3 suck, Man U and Citymight be easier to roll off. If you play that cheap defensively wild out elsewhere.

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