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  1. Is grealish a viable midfielder or should I go for a different value midfielder already have jota and lingard

  2. Not at all, as a Liverpool fan I know he will be crucial for assisting goals and takes free kick and corner. I would rather depend on Salah and Jota to make those assist and goals returns.

  3. Looking for some advice on my wildcard team, particularly whether or not to get rid of my loyal Leeds boys (Dallas and Raphinha) with the plan to get them back in towards their fixture change in the last 4 or so games.

  4. Can you afford Maddison to Bruno? I've got Maddison and no Bruno, but I'm second guessing this tbh... I think I might go son down to Maddison after their DGW

  5. Not a complete guarantee to start, and hasn't really got a history of big returns when he does play, but hey, for one week why not go with your gut

  6. Lacazette and Moura/similarly priced mid or Son and cheap forward? On wildcard and have Kane and Iheanacho up front already.

  7. I'm tempted by Lacazette, he's been in good form the last few weeks and has great upcoming fixtures – I'm not convinced by Moura though as whilst he doubles in 32 they've then got the blank in 33, and Spurs have been inconsistent lately; I think you're much better off with someone like Lingard/Jota

  8. I would go for 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 and go for a cheap forward like Davis. Arsenal is unpredictable and I would go for someone cheaper like Smith Rowe or Saka as cover.

  9. played all 90, I had him in my WC draft but I've switched him for Maddison now, I'd say it's not worth the risk

  10. I would go for A. Too much money invested in KDB given Pep roulette. You take your chances with Gundo (that's what I'm doing).

  11. Looks good, although I'd be wary of Dias – Pep's gonna rotate like never before in the upcoming weeks and with the title likely to be wrapped up soon, I doubt he'll start his strongest XIs in the PL. If you want a City defender then I'd go for Stones to save money, otherwise might be worth looking at someone like Coady

  12. 2 - Foster plays, Son has a double, Sterling rotation risk, Watkins should outscore Vydra comfortably

  13. Good morning fpl gurus. The question I havr today is: should I get rid of Antonio or Watkins this gw. Currently planning to keep Antonio and bench him till the fixtures turn, but I dont know how serious his injury is.

  14. Agree with the other commenter, Antonio has a better points/mins played ratio, and he shouldn't be out too long, meanwhile

  15. I think the feeling is that Antonio’s injury isn’t too serious, but I think he’s having another scan today so we’ll wait and see. I’d probably keep Antonio tbh, might not play this weekend, but hopefully after that he’ll be fit. Villa’s fixtures pretty much to end of the season are pretty bad.

  16. I’d put Watkins first bench - mostly because I don’t see Stones and Dias both starting

  17. Everton's inconsistency is pissing me off. Who would be a good digne replacement? I already have shaw, rudiger, targett and dias

  18. They seem to be, don't think Klopp's rotated his CBs much historically, unless he has to, and they've both started the last few games

  19. Will start. Had a long rest in the international break and with the result last night in the UCL, Liverpool couldn't be more desperate for a top 4 finish

  20. If I’m 90% sure I’ll use my WC this week, should I just activate the chip now and transfer in my must-have players to avoid future price rises?

  21. If you don't have much value tied up in Bruno, it could easily pay off as a one week captaincy punt. Go with your gut anyways

  22. Yeah I’d look at Antonio > Vydra then Holding > Dias or Alonso might be the more explosive pick if you are loooking to make up ground

  23. Is Salah really going to start vs Villa and Leeds both considering there's a tough Madrid game midweek? That'd mean he starts 5 in a row. My only cause for concern really, so I could either have Salah in my WC immediately or I can punt on Sterling vs Leeds and get Salah in next week vs Leeds.

  24. Probably many going to disagree with me, but I would say it's over 50% chance that Salah is rested vs Villa, to be fit for Real Madrid game

  25. Feels a little bit like point chasing if I'm honest, don't think I would put my trust in a Burnley attack, I'd hold on to Watkins, Grealish should (I hope?) be back soon

  26. Aina to TAA sounds good. Stones won't start too often now so if you can I'd suggest a downgrade to get some funds in the bank. Would suggest keeping Cresswell as he has moderate fixtures and good attacking potential.

  27. Watkins has a double coming up anytime soon and does not blank in 32! Though I had made a promise not to have him, I might go for him! Expecting his output might shoot up owning to Grealish!

  28. With tough Aston Villa fixtures till the end which is the best replacement for Targett? Thinking of differential like Semedo, Coleman, Chillwell, Christensen, money not an issue

  29. Wolves fans, is Fabio Silva likely to start over Willian Jose after last weeks performance? Thinking of taking a punt on him as my third striker, having some budget left.

  30. Worth taking a -8 to go from Bale, Bissouma and Watkins to Jota, Lingard and Iheanacho?

  31. Hey guys, I'm ahead of my mini league by a thin 16 points. My rival also still has his WC, no other chip left, same for me.

  32. If you can make through the GW33 without the WC then i'd recommend to use it later, if no then prolly use now, at the end it's up to you tho. With your team i wouldn't use the WC i think

  33. I'd prepare for GW33. You have 3 players from Spurs and City so you won't have them for GW33. Cancelo to TAA or Phillips looks good imo, Dallas and Leeds tho have 3 tricky fixtures but after that pretty good matches. Maybe B is the best

  34. also wondering if a one-week switch from Kane to Agüero would be pure madness or madness mixed with hope and inspiration

  35. Is Amartey an option? Any LEI fan here to share some thoughts - will he play, what is his position, .. ?

  36. I have a similar team. If you downgraded TTA to Phillips. Then you'd have some great cash to upgrade Holding, Davis and Michell.

  37. I'd be looking at Rudiger, Dias and Holding as rotation risks. With Mitchell and Davis on the bench, I'd want to add more depth to the squad.

  38. RMT - I am still not 100% sure WC team is right. Feel my DEF needs playing with a bit. Any fresh ideas to make this stronger?

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