Rate My Team, Quick Questions & General Advice Daily Thread

  1. Live on YouTube answering all RMT questions all the way to the deadline, if anyone wants a question answered -

  2. Worth a point hit to get Son for Salah? As far as I know, the leader in the mini league had Salah end of last GW.

  3. Stones captain? He looks likely to play both games. Every time he’s been benched, he’s played at least the 2 games after.

  4. I'm benching DCL. No detailed reason other than I've given him enough chances the last few weeks.

  5. Shaw or White? (Other defender is injured) Shaw probably won’t keep a cleansheet whilst White atleast has a chance against Leicester with Barnes/Maddison out

  6. Am I crazy going from Salah to Auba (over KDB) just cause I will be watching Arsenal game and I’m also United fan lol

  7. I have all 3. My logic is to play Bruno. If he blanks, it's fine because I have Cancelo (C) which means probably a clean sheet as Bruno would likely be involved in a United attack.

  8. Barnes to Lingard or Fernandes to Son? Asking because if I bring Son in I will have to play DCL this week against Chelsea

  9. As a United fan I’d even say Fernandes to Son. We’ve got some tough fixtures coming up including Europa, and Son in BGW 29 against WHU is more appealing than Lingard against Spurs!

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