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  1. I have Bruno and Gundo, Dias and Barnes, but for the second double gameweek i want to bring in another city player. I'm swapping Barnes for Lingard for the BGW and I'm swapping Bruno for either Foden, KDB or Mahrez. Who do you think is the best option?

  2. Azpi and rudiger have played all PL games under Tuchel. Christensen looks nailed rn but could be out when silva returns. He was also swapped for zouma for the Southampton games.

  3. Most nailed on Spurs defender? Was thinking at Reguilon, but he was benched last night. Thanks!

  4. You've got to predict what's gonna happen for WHU-LEE & EVE-CHE. Then, choosing your players be easier, spread the risk. If it was me, Raphinha out, Digne in.

  5. I think I screwed up my WC in GW25 ( actually I got 81 and 109) ... brought Dier just to find out he was dropped in the DGW 26 ... Aina played only 45 minutes in 0-0 draw against Crystal palace so it's ONE point ... And with Pep Roulette, Bruno and Salah poor performances and BGW 29 (no chip available) i don't know what to do with my team ...

  6. -4 sounds reasonable and u could land 9/10 players in the BGW. Would replace Dier & Barnes. Suggestions are Targett, Rudiger, Dunk, Mount, Saka, Gros

  7. Given you have so few BWG29 players I assume you still have your FT? In that case I'd swap Barnes for Mount or Jota.

  8. I'm in a similar position and don't really wanna bench Raphinha or BAmford but don't really wanna double up in attack against WH and Chelsea. You could do Barnes to Lingard or Saka which is probably the most telegraphed move, but it does leave you with a bit of a benching headache.

  9. Who is the best Arsenal pick for midfield? Pepe or Saka? Pepe is in better form in terms of FPL points, but Saka the better player?

  10. I think this set up is perfect, if u want to go risky then maybe Watkins instead of Bruno since his stats against top 6 isn't very good.

  11. Sideways move. Son still hauled today and could've got more. He's also still less likely to get rested than Bale

  12. Phew, the last thing I did was bench cancelo. He’s first on my bench in front of Raph and Bamf. Let’s see how it goes

  13. Changed from Barnes (c) to Cancelo at 10.59. Unsure if it went through. Need a differential this week as I’m 60pts behind

  14. I took a -8 forgot to hit Benchboost and may be starting 2 single game week players ...

  15. Well that was the most stressful FPL deadline so far this season. I’m sure I got one thing wrong but fuck it let’s go

  16. Had a chance to switch from TC Salah to Kane in the final seconds. Held off... fucking brain buster this weeks captain choice.

  17. Good luck everyone. Like normal Pep decide your faith to a large degree, but we will also see if Mourinho dares to rest Kane in the second game.

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