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  1. Thank you again to everyone who voted, the daily thread is live now. We will review the volume of activity, as we can change the frequency from daily to weekly if required.

  2. I like this idea, the sub gets quieter over those periods so it sounds reasonable to me

  3. Would make more sense to have a link to it from RMT or Rant, then sitckied when there's no important threads.

  4. There's a certain irony in having to restrict "fun" content from a sub that's dedicated to a game. Not that I'm bothered by this result—it doesn't make much of a difference to me either way, since I usually only view the threads I'm interested in.

  5. I see your point but the way that reddit is designed the memes just clutter the page so much, on meme mondays using mobile you had to scroll through so much memes to get to actual discussion posts, so I'm pretty happy with it. On the other hand I rarely find memes funny to begin with so.

  6. It would be much harder to navigate to find your chosen topics if there was free reign on memes though, and on a much worse margin if people were allowed to post their RMT's as individual posts.

  7. A lot of the memes are extremely poor and it just becomes a shitposting sub. It's originally been a sub for discussing the game.

  8. How I wish we didn’t meddle with memes. Can’t believe people actually complained about memes during pre season.

  9. Memes have just started being more of an issue as the sub has got larger I’m personally indifferent on the matter I don’t want memes to be clogging up the sub that’s annoying but I don’t mind the high quality memes they are a good laugh from time to time. I’m more interested in the analytical stuff on the sub but I thought we had a very good balance in the seasons past between analytics and memes. I think it’s because the mods would remove most the low quality stuff now the sub is so large they can’t moderate it and we were getting too much trashy stuff. I don’t think a daily thread is awful but we’ll see.

  10. FPL memes should just be its own sub (if it isn’t already). Whilst one or two are fun to see here, they quickly get very old and very repetitive - case in point with all those Friends videos.

  11. That’s what FPL circle jerk is for. But nobody bothers. This is as good a compromise as we are going to get unfortunately.

  12. That's useless. Most people aren't gonna go to a whole other subreddit just for FPL memes. The best thing about memes is just seeing a few while scrolling through the serious FPL posts. It's just nice to have a mixture of posts, and there really weren't THAT many memes that it cluttered the subreddit

  13. Tbf the memes have been so dogshit this season. Swear the mods have been deleting the good ones and passing the garbage through.

  14. I agree, if this doesn't work, I'm all for banning them out right (maybe lift the ban during pre-season and international breaks), at least a couple of compromises have been tried so people cant really moan saying "we should done X it would have worked!" (though they probably will)

  15. Yeah seriously. Just banning memes would have been fine. What were people going to do about it? Most subreddits have no low effort content rules for this reason. The beauty of reddit is you can make a sub Reddit for anything, and that includes shitty FPL memes. There’s no need to subject everyone to your shit sense of humour.

  16. Holy crap what was so hard about letting memes just flow naturally whenever they were made? This is crazy. We regulate it ourselves so if the meme sucks, people don't see it, and if it's good people do.

  17. We failed to do that. People kept upvoting horrible ass memes making them dominate the the sub hiding actual quality analysis posts. That’s what happened. You guys weren’t active enough in downvoting shitty memes.

  18. What was so hard was that most people on here didn’t like your shit memes and would rather discuss the subject that they actually subscribed to the Reddit for

  19. How about you make your own sub for FPL memes? It'll be easy - no need for mods are posters can just self-regulate! Then we use this sub for actual discussion.

  20. They said the amount of memes coming in was too much for them to handle. Honestly why are so many people submitting memes? I understand that it breaks the monotony and the occasional one is funny, but this sub is wonderful because of the community that rides and dies together and is focused on the game, it shouldn't be difficult to find high quality analysis because you have to scroll through 10 shitty memes first.

  21. It just should have remained the same as it was, nothing was wrong with that. Pushing mee mee's to one day created chaos, now banishing them into one thread is just gonna make the front page of the sub purely technical and I actually enjoy an occasional upvoted mee mee.

  22. So All memes allowed was winning in all stages, except in the final stage when people wanting to ban memes pushed "daily meme thread" over 50% when the only other option was to have all memes which they obviously didn't want.

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