What’s the craziest fantasy book/series?

  1. Currently reading and hard agree. People with whole bugs for heads? Cactus people? Other wilder things that are spoilers… has a lot of weird stuff

  2. This is one of my all time favorite books. I had never read anything like it and while the narrative is winding it never really looses the reader because of just how alien the world feels. You read it for the characters and plot just as much as you read to learn a little more about the setting.

  3. The face coming apart into spiderlike fingers at the end of The Prince of Nothing was why I kept reading the series... and my god does it get more demented from there. Especially the Inchoroi.

  4. Saga by Brian K Vaughan, it’s a comic series but it’s definitely immensely creative and such a joy to read.

  5. Seconding Saga as the answer. My pitch for it is it has everything magic, robots, intergalatic war, ghosts, conspiracies, sex, drugs

  6. Anything by Kameron Hurley(except for The Lightbrigade.) Her books are the craziest, most imaginative stuff I've ever read in fantasy. Through strictly speaking, The Worldbreaker Saga is the only 100% fantasy series she's written. The rest is technically SF, but the kind that is pretty close to be fantasy.

  7. Mandatory comment about the Malazan Book of the Fallen. There are ancient dragons, a mysterious magic system, dinosaurs on flying cities, undead neanderthals, elf-like beings, a huge landscape of different cultures. Conflict, death, tragedy and compassion with a sprinkle of hope.

  8. Dungeon Crawler Carl is delightfully chaotic and completely bonkers. Take a look at the cover of book 4 and if that’s not crazy enough I don’t know what is.

  9. I really hate to be the Malazan guy in this thread, but Malazan literally has a race of beings who are dinosaurs with swords for hands because lol why not

  10. The Winnowing Flame is pretty off the wall and actually has a dragon with tentacles. Not crazy at all in terms of plot, very much so in terms of premise.

  11. If you want to read manga, One Piece is by far the most out there, inventive, and crazy fantasy I’ve read that still remains excellent and epic.

  12. Worth the Candle is pretty wild for a webnovel built on exploring the standard fantasy gaming tropes and cliches.

  13. They are kind of mid range/quick airport reads series rather than epic, but the Invisible Library has a bunch of alternative worlds at different points of development and world building. If it’s run by the dragons, probably some versions of a historical society and orderly and pretty normal (albeit might not have people because they are too messy sometimes). If run by the fey, extremely chaotic and trope driven to the point where rule of cool and trope savviness may be how you survive. And you’d have a chance of running into literary characters or cyborg crocodiles or other shenanigans in the fey worlds.

  14. River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey. It’s a Wild West story where the characters ride hippos instead of horses. SO MUCH FUN.

  15. Massive crab monsters called "chasmfiend" in Stormlight Archive are pretty insane. From coppermind wiki: "Chasmfiends are the largest known land animals on Roshar: at least twenty feet wide, six times the height of an adult man at their peak, and over twice as long.They are long and narrow, with a flattened, split tail reminescent of that of a crayfish.Like most of Rosharan fauna, they're crustaceans, with a carapace exoskeleton covering their entire body."

  16. Alcatraz versus the evil librarians from brandon sanderson ? I guess pratchett's stuff in discworld must be wild too.

  17. It's YA but it is one of my favorite YA series. The Beyonders by Brandon Mull. Book starts with a kid falling into the mouth of a hippo into another world to fight the last wizard. It is wild and weird but so much fun. I go back to it every now and then.

  18. This is where JoJo's Bizzare Adventure has almost no competition. One Piece and Malazan also compare of course. Things that you would NEVER come up with yourself that lead to very serious and strategic conflicts. Reality breaking powers that require insane strategies to overcome. Or super "lame" abilities that just happen to be insanely difficult to deal with and become a very real threat.

  19. It’s SF but I read Xixin Liu‘s collection of short stories called The Wandering Sun and it’s the weirdest shit I’ve ever read. One short story is about how ants and dinosaurs used to live together symbiotically and then (for reasons) the ants decided to kill all the dinos. It’s bonkers.

  20. Magical Romantic Comedies by R.J. Blain, it's just weird, there are cindercorn (a black unicorn that breathes fire and eats napalm), all kinds of shapeshifters, headless angels, Lucifer, gorgons, and a bunch of other stuff

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  22. Top Ten by Alan Moore. It's a comic trade paperback but given that it's Alan Moore, the writing is top notch, the art is cool, the setting is crazy and half the fun is analyzing the background to find the Easter eggs.

  23. The Crimson Empire by Alex Marshall (aka Jesse Bullington). I don't even know where to begin to describe the bonkers stuff in these books, so to grab one element at random I'll say there are giant flying jellyfish being ridden by colonies of insects forming the shape of a warrior in spiky armor that are the soldiers of a group of undead superpowerful wizards that reside in a flesh cave on a (formerly) sunken island. Oh and virtually everyone is pansexual and super hornt up. Do you want a love triangle between a runaway imperial princess, her samurai-esque virtue guard, and a cat-eyed black barbarian of the frozen north? What if I told you that later this princess comes to save the day riding on the back of a giant war pangolin? Funny, dark, filthy, inventive, I love these books so much.

  24. The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. It had everything that I could possibly want in a book at the time of reading it: magicians engaging in small or large scale magic duels, various folklore and mythological entities interwoven into the world, and so many character POVs (excluding the main two, Sophie and Josh) that make your head spin. It's been a few years since I read all six books and I might reread them again after this post for the nostalgia.

  25. Hxh has some pretty crazy shit with the chimera ants. And his dark materials has some really interesting stuff with the mulfea, and the land of the dead and how they work.

  26. Storm light archive and mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson some of the best I’ve ever read. Don’t overlook the night angel trilogy or the light ringer series by Brent weeks!

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