[Fallout] The Mysterious Stranger is a time traveler

  1. My theory is that there are multiple mysterious strangers and they are agents of Vault-Tec. In fallout 4, the Vault-Tec guy comes to the door dressed in exactly what the mysterious stranger is wearing, making me think it's some kind of uniform, and their job is to protect the interests of the company, which is still active. I always wished there was at least a mild explanation of who or what he is. I like your theory though. Definitely adds a cool twist onto what is already an interesting storyline.

  2. I theorise that they’re also Synths who have courser technology hence how they’re able to teleport in and out. Given that they’re Synths that explains the lack of ageing but yes I agree there are many

  3. All I know is he takes all my time when he just stands there for 15 seconds after magdumping a fire ant

  4. We actually do have confirmation that time travel is a thing in the Fallout setting, though not in the way you're thinking.

  5. I honestly havent played the game, but it sounds like it could be a reference to Mark Twain' short story The Mysterious Stranger. In that, the stranger is an angel named Satan (but not the famous one). Fantastic shorty story.

  6. This could be true, but since it's just you are filling in the blanks where no backstory is given he could also be an interdimensional shapeshiftng tap-dancing human-sized ant.

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