Fallout perk idea, Quarterback: gain the ability to throw mini nukes without the use of Fatman.

  1. I love this idea. First tier being things below a certain weight. 2nd tier would be all junk category things regardless of weight. 3rd tier being harpoons and cannonballs. 4th tier would be mini-nukes.

  2. It‘d be funny if the first tier only allows you to throw the mini nuke for couple of feets and you will always blow yourself up until you level up the perk

  3. I would want this with the critical miss feature of the isometric fallout games, just for the hilarious chance to accidentally detonate the mini nuke by kicking it wrong.

  4. Or if you can do it in vats (but it'd probably be like throwing grenades) throw it between your legs. And if you have really bad luck, every once in a while your character would try to punt it

  5. This would certainly make the game more Starship Troopers inspired than it already is, they've already got power armour with jet jumps, lobbing mini-nukes while at it would basically allow the player to re-enact the first chapter.

  6. Should make it balanced by pretty much always being in the explosion radius unless throwing from an elavtion or maxed out perk (even with you won’t be able to throw far) or jus make it a goofy fun mod

  7. I think at level one of the perk you would have to get a perfect arc and be in power armor to take no or very little damage. Power armor could also increase throw distance in a lore friendly way.

  8. I don't think it'd be a good official perk, but as a mod that would be amazing, if I could mod I' do the hell outta that.

  9. Yes in survival at least, carry weight is reduces from 300 to 185lbs at 10 strength, and mini-nukes weight 12 pounds EACH. So a Fatman and 5 mini nukes take up 90/185lbs your carry weight which is almost half.

  10. That sounds really fun and also funny with a dialouge option like you have a mini nuke and no launcher is avaliable and if you fail it slips out of your hands trying to throw it.

  11. Holy shit. I would've loved this! Maybe you could also throw Missiles or Cannonballs? The 4th Tier should let you throw Artillery Shells.

  12. Great idea, except I have never NOT used a mininuke just for fun and immediately reloaded. My hoarding gaming-self usually sits on all he finds like an angry chicken named Smaug.

  13. Would make sense if the next game is based in NYC, Chicago or Cleveland which are all cities that have a good football history before the great divergence.

  14. You can use the ammo glitch and load thrown weapons with mini nukes. Then when you throw it the knife or whatever turns into a mini nuke and you’re throwing mini nukes

  15. Was thinking the same thing, but with 9 strength you’re like Arnold Schwarzenegger strong. The perks have always meant to me that you’ve had training or practiced something, like the nuclear physics perk means you’ve studied or picked some things up. So with quarterback it means you spent sometime practicing your throw and to unlock it your character need to be crazy strong anyways.

  16. I kinda see it working off-of the big leagues perk? Like ok 1st rank gives you range on grenades and stuff, second also allows you to use trash as thrown weapon, third or fourth allows you to also throw mininukes

  17. We functionally have this in Fallout 76, they're called Nuka Grenades. They're awesome because the explosion goes through walls.

  18. Won't lie, love this idea. Gives melee builds a hilarious new ranged weapon (of mass destruction). I'd 100% scream "GO LONG!" Everytime I launch it.

  19. I like the idea of getting the throw distance SUUUPER far, and launching that fucked into the atmosphere, then sniping it on its descent. I swear there was a perk that made your explosives bigger if you shoot em, but that might be a different game

  20. There’s a mod that allows this actually. (FO4) it’s a mod for a liberty prime power armor, and gives you the blueprints for “liberty grenades” (mini nukes) that you can throw. Also gives you a sick power armor that you can customize.

  21. Yes and no. It’s funny but I’m also dead serious. For realism’s sake a 12 pound mini nuke would have to be throw by someone in power armor, but it is realistically possible.

  22. With Tom Brady style accuracy … combined with the mysterious stranger perk who just absolutely bull rushes the closest enemy destroying their knees .

  23. Imagine Nukeball where if its fumbled or an incomplete pass causes an explosion lol. Field goals would be amazing

  24. I don't know if it still exists, but there used to be a mod for that for Fallout 4. Paired with the mod to give you liberty prime armor and it was insanely fun.

  25. It works but at the same time it's a bit too focused. I mean mini nukes are rare af there would need to be other effects like....faster throwing speed, more damage with throwables and maybe offer more options on the actual fatman to not render it useless?

  26. Someone had a great idea to gain the ability to throw anything. Making yourself a less effective walking junk jet. It could also be merged with a regular grenade perk that makes explosives do more damage with increased range. The final rank allowing you to throw mini nukes at a substantially shorter range than that of a fatman, creating minor danger for the user.

  27. It'd be cool too if you could use it to have grenades do extra damage/blow up if they directly hit someone. They should have better range as well.

  28. I like it. Quarterback should also add a surprise negative trait called “butter fingers” that makes you occasionally drop a grenade or a mini nuke as you attempt to throw it, with the frequency being a black box calc of agility and luck.

  29. And these idiots just kept going like it's going to be there right here. Pretty much the way they stole back rooms from the pie on the plate producers.

  30. Better yet, ability to pickpocket a live mini-nuke into someone's inventory. Of course, you'd need to get out of there super fast.

  31. Wouldn't this be another tier of Strong Arm? I see a lot of people talking about junk and that sounds rad but isn't Strong Arm still a thing?

  32. Oh one more thing to build on that: What about disposable missile launchers? The 'problem' with missile launcher is that the weight is very high, so you're carrying it around a lot and rarely using it. If you had something like an AT-4 where sure it weighs 20 pounds but you throw it away once you fire it...

  33. I've been thinking about a whole different faction based on deathclaws and you can even get a deathclaws conpanion

  34. Will only accept the perk if the vault boy/girl in the picture is wearing John Elway's jersey number on his/her vault suit.

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