What is your favourite weapon in all of fallout

  1. I remember when I played F2 I took some linear algebra classes where I learned Gaussian Elimination method. Funny coincidence:)

  2. I think that's also my favorite from the old school games. I love the mid game, where you find the .223, maybe one for Sulik too, and the hard raider encounters suddenly become a gallery of gore.

  3. Hunting Rifle. Just old reliable, used it as a primary weapon often from Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 before I got my hands on better. Even then I still kept the damn thing in.

  4. 10mm pistol. Just because it’s the first weapon I ever used in a fallout game (fallout 1 back in 2012 or so) and because it’s always useful even when outclassed by better weapons, unlike some truly horrendous weapons (.32 pistol and Chinese pistol). The backwater Rifle is another solid weapon in every way.

  5. The all American is awesome but has a stupidly awful aesthetic AND that scope is ass. Completely agreed.

  6. maria is good. i kinda prefer that gun tho. i try to collect unique weapons so by the end of a run my entire inventory is full of random unique guns im not using

  7. Fallout 1: Power Fist or the Flamer. The power fist is really funny since it lets you punch someone 10 times per turn. Combine this with the Slayer perk and that's like 10 70 damage criticals per turn. I haven't played around with the Flamer much, but the death animation for it is great.

  8. Perforator. Sure It’s just a more accurate infiltrator but really dig the silenced scoped assault rifle motif, plus it’s shortened by not having a stock and painted black and it really does feel like a nifty little stealth rifle.

  9. I liked the experimental Q plasma rifle in 3, the hunting shotgun, thump-thump, this machine and basically everything in NV, and my laser shotty with short scope in 4 that made everything fall down instantly with the sniper perk, and also wrecking everything with a full auto kiloton rifle.

  10. Hmm I like G11 from the older fallouts. But a gun that I also like from the more modern games is paciencia (if I didn't butcher the name lol)

  11. Honestly Vanilla, maybe just the shotgun? However Modded I'd have to say my 44. but I put the Neverending Legendary mod onto it, so it's just a badass 44 that never runs out of ammo. Then I have the Assault Rifle with Explosive Ammunition so I can kill Mirelurk eggs faster. As for Melee, My Ripper extended blade and Ghoul Slayer legendary. (All FO4, and non DLC)

  12. The hunting shotgun is easily my favorite of New Vegas just because of all the variety of ammo i could use right beside me was the trusty stainless steel framed .44 mag.

  13. AMR. I prefer taking enemies out from a distance if I can’t negotiate with them, and this one packs a punch.

  14. The Railway rifle-Fallout 3 version-with the little train toot toot when you reload it. And spiking raiders heads to the wall is pretty satisfying

  15. For FNV I'd say the NCR rifles, and for FO4 100% any .44 revolver, love one shotting almost everyone with the right perks and that cowboy feeling

  16. .223 pistol for the old games. Gauss and turbo-plasma are good but this little boy is just fun. 4 shots of gore and death.

  17. Lincoln’s Repeater. It’s just fun to use, and it feels good to slay all the slavers in Paradise Falls with it.

  18. Honestly, it has to be Lincoln’s Repeater from fallout 3. It just looked so beautiful when the game first came out, I can’t think of another gun that stood out so much for me.

  19. Between the Service Rifle for its Retro-Modern design and the Anti-Materiel Rifle for its “screw whatever I’m pointed at” nature.

  20. original Fallout Turbo Plasma Rifle - you could get one in FO2 as well but it took another action point to fire over the FO1 version so that was quite a big nerf.

  21. Furious powerfist. Every play through I start vowing I will be a gunslinger. But this weapon, this god damn perfect weapon makes me slap the shit out of every enemy in the game as soon as I get my hand on it.

  22. A plain old hunting rifle, in any and all Fallout games. I love them. I've never fired a gun in my life, but the hunting rifle looks, sounds and damages how I imagine a real gun should do - I find them aesthetically rather beautiful.

  23. AER-14 Prototype from Vault 22. Thing is a beast in Vanilla NV, and even still is if you don't get the LAER or Holorifle from the DLCs, and the thicker, green laser looks so damn cool.

  24. All the plasma rifles are super cool, in every Fallout. FO1 and 2 have that awesome retro look to them, and FO3 rifles look like something that was actually heavily researched and several prototypes were built.

  25. Mine was, and still is, a random drop legendary Lazer musket, the the lucky effect on it, I named it lucky (I know, really creative naming that) and it dropped at about level 30 to 40 (can't quite remember exactly) and my level 139 character still uses it to this day, it now has so much ammo and probably even more kills to its name

  26. For me my favorite weapon is the Soumi kp31 smg. It fires the low cost .38 at a very high rate and with the larger magazines you can hose down doorways and halls. Granted it is not a high powered weapon, but against synths and ghouls it does a real good job. WHen fired it does not stray off target from recoil by much so holding it your target is easy. If you play the game you should download the mod and give it a try. You can find one behind the church in Concord right from the beginning of the game.

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