house vs the institute. who'd win.

  1. Id say institute. They have manufacturing and can actually make more syths if needed. House just has whatever he needs inside bunkers. Even with the chip, I would bet the scientists inside the institute could design something better and build it to counter the securitrons.

  2. I am not sure we are ever given a good handle on what the Institutes manufacturing capacity is. If they could make millions of Gen 1 & 2 synths they could just "human wave" the entire Commonwealth. My impression is that while they can make sophisticated things they do not have the ability to make them things in massive quantities. Space inside the institute is limited, their ability to import large quantities of raw materials is never mentioned. They seem far more interested in making small quantities of neater and neater tools and toys, rather than setting up large scale production of anything. Everything is a prototype for the next more sophisticated idea.

  3. If they co-existed in the same area, with or without the Platinum Chip, I doubt House has any kind of defense against teleportation.

  4. Eh, the BoS manages to put up signal jammers at Boston Airport to block the molecular relay. House is pretty smart, he'd probably figure it out as well.

  5. Without the chip? The Institute wins handily, as normal securitrons are no worse than sentry bots (and have a glare weakness in the wheel).

  6. I would disagree. House went to school at the CIT. His login would probably work allowing him to override the reactor and blow it up remotely

  7. I think this an interesting and kind of a fair fight that depends on a lot of factors. If we assume that this is somewhat realistic, then lets first assume a house win in NV as that's the only way house is alive, and an institute victory in 4 for the same reason.

  8. House is playing 4d chess day in and day out, but the institute has the tech and disposable resources to outlast him in a battle of attrition. Or a hack in his mainframe that the followers couldn’t pierce would likely be doable if not outright simple.

  9. I think one way or another House would win. I think House would find a way to ally the factions and defeat the institute but even beside that.

  10. I agree. House may run things with an iron fist but he is willing to give others a "good deal" when it suits his purposes, like the three families running the casinos on the strip. They benefit from the deal as much as House does. The Institute does not "make friends" for mutual benefits, it infiltrates and controls them strictly for its own benefit. It does not seem to consider anyone outside the Institute as anything other than a pawn to be exploited for the Institutes benefits. That gives House the ability to recruit friends and allies that the Institute does not have.

  11. Out of all the fallout games The institute has the most advanced technology so I'm going to go with the institute

  12. I'm fairly certain the Think Tank has equal or more advanced technology. Really the only thing that the Institute has over Big MT are snyths.

  13. The House wins. Especially since the Institute is still using RobCo terminals, so Robert House would likely know every move they make and have access to every bit of tech they developed.

  14. Depends on if the Institute can get access to a Securitron, and how fast it takes them to crack their OS.

  15. Well benny and some lady did it and created yes man. I think the institute could do it in there sleep if they got there hand on a securitron

  16. Institute wins easily. If the courier with a stealth boy can easily get into his bunker area place and kill his body then then a couple coursers can too.

  17. I don't think it's fair to go off player character interaction with factions because you're playing as the main character who's the anomaly.

  18. I think you bring up a good point. In the scenario of them having to head towards each other from their starting grounds, I completely agree that House would win. He has the upper hand in:

  19. An opponent he hasn’t spent years studying? On the other side of the nation, hidden underground where he can’t take securitrons? That can teleport into his hidden sanctum with ease (the Institute would need some relays to make that happen, but it’s possible, as far harbor proves)? That’s full of minds equal to his?

  20. Considering nothing he does before or during FNV makes any sense, I think people might be overestimating him.

  21. As long as house doesn't know of teleportation they could just drop a gen 1 in with bopem sockem and one taps house and the securitrons just drop

  22. Unless the institute pulls off a flawless decapitation strike, and manages to kill house the first time they teleport in, they’re absolutely fucked. This is assuming that they wouldn’t engage is some sort of diplomacy

  23. Trick question - House makes an alliance with his Alma Mater, and shares his knowledge of robotics with the institute. In return the institute gives him a synth body, and between them they control everything east of the Colorado river.

  24. House was rendered laughably vulnerable with one of two keycards just sitting out in the open ready to be taken by anybody who knew to look for them.

  25. Everyone who says house would lose easily without the chip is a fool. We are talking about a man who cheated death and stopped nuclear annihilation. I am not saying he would win. But he would not lose easily not to mention he also has many other resources at his disposal that people aren't mentioning. Alliances. Subjects. Whose to say house would not figure out a way to hack synth?

  26. All it would take is to plant a synth that could get access to him. Friggen Benny managed to get ahold of a securitron and reprogram it. A mail man beat house to death with a golf club.

  27. he is also stuck inside a machine and is using an army built 2 centuries ago. Also if house could hack a synth, the institute could hack the securitrons. The institute could also design and build a type of synth specifically made to counter house.

  28. It's really not a valid comparison. House as a character is written incredibly well, with well thought out motivations for everything he does.

  29. Mr. House is the kind of man to plan his “defeat” only to strike hard and fast once the institute lowers their guard.

  30. I think a lot of people here are underestimating House, remember he isn't just some pre war business tycoon he is a certified technical genius with a pre war education from CIT. He probably has a wider scope of knowledge than many of the Institutes top scientist and a firm theoretical understanding of some of their most advanced technology. His biggest issues is going to be access the Institute itself and defending himself from them just teleporting a Courser into his base. The second one is actually extremely easy to deal with, if he is Vegas then he is well out of range of their teleportation and if he is in Boston then it would just be wise to keep his location hidden regardless of if he knows they use teleportation or not since he knows they could just swarm his location with regular synths. For the first issue House as several options, he could try as the Sole Survivor did to find and question a member of the Institute even going so far as to scan their brain the same way as the Survivor. He could try to use his technical knowledge to access the information out of a synth. He could also possible just figure it out, he was a CIT grad after all he knows the layout of the campus and understands the mindset of the Institutes founders since he was a contemporary of theirs and probably associates with some of them. Regardless of how he figures it out if he does before the Institute takes him out that's game, he could reverse engineer the tech, he could create a system to use it to send his Securitrons in like the Survivor did, or he could just set up large scale jammers and starve them all.

  31. House could win because he aside from himself and his securitron army, he has the advantage of having the wasteland on his side in that instance.

  32. If everything goes house's way with the platinum chip it's House 100%. House just sees them coming and works to prevent them from blocking the courier and maybe even gets a synthetic new body. If however the courier either gets taken out or they just don't side with him House loses although by the skin of his teeth.

  33. Realistically? Institute. They can remake humans as spies, teleport, etc. they can definitely reprogram securitrons to assassinate House. Hell Benny was capable of reprogramming a securitron.

  34. If house has his upgraded securitron army I'd give him a good chance of winning, those things are insane & just one of them could probably hold its own against several gen 2s. Coursers are the biggest issue for house, depending on whether he has access to the courier as an ally even they might not be a threat though

  35. institute has some of the best tech in the wasteland and reliable methods of teleportation. They also use synths which look and act like humans which they could use to their advantage. House on the other hand has to tanks that roll around with missiles in their soldiers and laser hands, and a fucking army of them at that. In a head-to-head battle I'd say house, in a war with tactics I'd say the institute. There's only so much one brain can do.

  36. A fully upgraded securitron is deadly, but I imagine would struggle against pulse weapon spam. I don't think House could last against coursers and lesser mooks bombarding him.

  37. If the Institute can get an EMP close enough they can kill House's life support. Don't even have to get into this chamber.

  38. House would most likely know the location (he graduated CIT), so he'd just send his army to obliterate them. Hell, assuming this means House wins in NV (which since 4 is 5 years after NV he has to have won) and the courier didn't made friends, he'd also have probably found and taken the bomber plane. He wouldn't even have to do much in that case, he's just rain high explosive ordinance upon ignorant savages.

  39. Knowing House he’s most likely to offer an alliance, and given his level of knowledge and skills the institute would probably say yes, especially with him surviving the Great War and being an actual grad of CIT

  40. Sending nukes at each other's home base: Institute is probably deep enough to avoid a direct hit while House should still have his laser defence grid from before the war.

  41. Institute for sure, it was a way harder mission getting in there. As mentioned earlier, the institute has superior technology because they have a community of scientists who still conduct academic research and actively seek out new information and technology. Mr. House has a weak spot that’s hard to ignore. The institute would just have to set a few charges at the base of the tower to take out Mr. House.

  42. Considering the institute could port a Courser and a nearly endless number of Gen 1’s and 2’s directly into House’s life support room to unplug one guy. My money is on the Institute. With House, defeat is the death of a single guy. To defeat the institute you need to destroy a culture. They aren’t a fragile cult, built upon one personality. The Institute is a nation-state, much like New Vegas itself. Even the elimination of the Director of the Institute, there is a chain of command. House may have stronger Robots, but their only worth anything is the fight is face to face. The Institute is rarely that crude.

  43. The institute. Simply teleport a corser or 2 into Mr House's chamber and shoot him! Even without the relay, the institute has more than enough synths to outlast the securitrons. And while they can manufacture them, house cannot make more securitrons.

  44. Battle goes:house:eating cool ranch doritos.the institute:teleports infront of his gaming chair then shoots him. Or it would go something like that

  45. House. He does some stupid things but not as stupid as the Institute. The latter doing stupid things with such veracity that it's not possible to actually determine their motivation.

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