Would a fallout game work where we start as vault-tec workers?

  1. I was always under the impression they had something to do with the bombs being launched. I'm not saying it's fact but Vault Tech was always suspicious. They even started creating the mole rats before the nukes. In Vault 81 a terminal can be read that talks about it. A Vault Tech scientist talks about the mole rats he's been sent are already giant, bigger then they are supposed to be. He also mentions some have bioluminescence already. Makes it seem they knew it was about to happen and prepared for it. In my own head canon I picture some high up CEOs manipulating America and China to cause the first bomb knowing it would set off a chain reaction. I bet somewhere there's a Vault they've been surviving in, and I like to think they're being experimented on like they've done to others.

  2. The Megaton nuke has a vault tec logo on it. Why would that be? Why would the nukes dropped on us (if assumed from china) have vault tec logos on them? Or is there more to the Megaton nuke that I don't know?

  3. Personally i always thought if they -insist- on the vault start, having you start the game as a vault security officer would be interesting. Then the bombs drop.....and the game shifts foward a few years like fallout 3's timeskip. You then design your character, the offspring of the security officer. This would explain why your char knows how to use guns despite living in the vault, and also doesent lock you in to being an a-hole since most of the security teams had -no idea- the shit that was gonna go down.

  4. Take it the Detroit path and play several employees, pre- and post-bombing. Be the salesman, the corpo making plans with the government, the scientist running the experiments in the different vaults... Tell a yet darker and more sinister tale from the vaults.

  5. True it could be a story told across time. Playing from the perspectives of employees in various times and places

  6. Eh, wouldn’t work for a fallout game, maybe it could be super cool if it was like the memory sequences (there’s two if you didn’t know! ) at the memory lounge but actually playable sequence, kind of like anchorage.

  7. Could work for something like Vault 75. Multi-generation vault tec experiment, recruiting from the rejects of the main program.

  8. I personally think they should stray away from giving the protagonist any form of backstory for once. Let us pick a race and just let us go from there.

  9. I’m all for these ideas that could fit into different game styles. There’s plenty of “will Obsidian make another Fallout now?” Posts, but I’d honestly rather Microsoft let a number of studios take a crack at making games in the Fallout Universe in their style of game, in their engine potentially (or whichever they are most familiar with). An id FPS during the war leading up to the bombs, a game playing as Vault Tech employees, or taking part in key moments that lead up to the war, with choices but not strictly tied to being First/Third person action RPG’s.

  10. It could, but not in the way you described. Vault-Tec was entirely based in the US. Unless there's a Canadian Vault, you're not visiting other countries. There was a design doc for something called Fallout Extreme where you travel to China and kill an Emperor that's threatening world domination, but realistically that absolutely doesn't fit the spirit of the franchise.

  11. I think we should at least see a small part of Canada, or some Canadian characters it would open a door to a room full of opportunities. Like a game based on Detroit could very well have a dlc that takes place in Canada.

  12. I really don't like it when the only benefit to a major trait/perk makes you bypass everything involving that skill.

  13. Might work. You could have it happen immediately after the bombs drop (the freezing would be kind of close to FO4) and have the protagonist try to find/dismantle the parts of Vault-Tec that survived.

  14. I think something along these lines could make for an interesting prologue to the game, perhaps building off Fallout Shelter.

  15. I want a fallout where we can have an actual alternative start. I know there's mods for every one of these games to start elsewhere, but I want more of a de-centralized storyline. Not forced to find a family member, or deliver a chip, or save a vault..

  16. How do you have alternative start in elder scrolls ? You are always some guy or girl or lizard etc. who got caught trying to cross the border for whatever reason that your character no longer cares somehow.

  17. I've always wanted to play as a VT scientist who designs a vault experiment, then gets stuck there when the bombs drop. You could make it a control vault to just have the "vanilla" post-vault game, or be more devious and end up a ghoul or super mutant (etc).

  18. I wouldn’t mind experiencing the hellish nightmare of being somebody who lived through the exact point of bomb drop without the privilege of a vault and you first hand get to watch everything begin to mutate including yourself. Maybe even have a sad ending that the protagonist doesn’t even survive at all but leaves something behind for someone else to find in the future

  19. Yes, that would be very interesting. A worker out in the wastes uncovering vault-tecs darkest secrets and uncovering the purpose of all of the vaults.

  20. Not a bad idea. Ideally, this would be a game perfect for an entry set five years after the bombs fell, depending on how old your Worker character is.

  21. Nah, you're giving vault tec a lot of credit, i would be more interested on a fallout game in china imo fallout by bethesda is starting to become stagnant and repetitive of the bos, enclave and super mutants/ghouls content

  22. What about a fallout game that's leaning more to metro? You could be in a heavily bombed area that is still extremely toxic and you and everyone else has to be heavily protected just to survive (nyc). The ghouls could be the leading race and humans be the minority. between the big park and the surrounding urban areas, it could be a fun change to the typical game play. Even the children of atom could be a major faction. "Atoms glow brought us eternal life" could be a good basis. I just want a survival based fallout to shine.

  23. I would want to play as NCR ranger who is send to some territory in order to secure it for expansion there some shenenigans would happen that would prevent you from doing that immediatly after that during your playtrough you can decide to either remain loyal to NCR or join rival faction to secure the territory for them instead or you could just say "fuck all" and became rider.

  24. A vault tec employee could work somewhat. At the start of the game you play as your ancestor. You learn the war just minutes before it becomes public knowlegde. You frantically go to your local vault to try your chance and maybe enter. Maybe you start in a van. And have a little driving cutscene where you can look around as the van is speeding down some roads before the sirens start to blare and broadcasts are stopped people are running down the streets trying to get to the vault or trying to drive away from the blast. You get there and learn that because of your high persuasiveness while selling the vault, Vault-Tec reserved a spot for you, maybe as a part of their experiments, but not your coworkers. You enter the vault before the bombs drop and hear the blast as you are descending into the Vault. You hear the screams then the shockwave hits and all of them abruptly end. Some scene changes, the main character having the G.O.A.T test. Some events happen and you leave the vault. Maybe the Vault dwellers get an all clear sign and decide to open the doors making the Vault a starting settlement and a place where the outsiders can enter. Maybe you manage to escape from the experiment happening inside to maybe try and save the others.

  25. You could do a soma esque game where you wake up after the bombs dropped and you slowly find out you are a synth with the memories of that vault tech worker. That might be cool

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