Whats your favorite weapon from fo3 or New Vegas? Mine was always Jingwei’s shocksword

  1. Hunting Rifle, something about it in either game(it’s in both if I recall but it has been a while) feels good. I’m also just infatuated with bolt action rifles so it was an easy sell once I got my hands on it.

  2. Ah yes the cowboy repeater I believe the 1st one I ever picked up was on the way to Novac in the box car with the viper gangers surrounding you. Kind of a bad ass introduction to a gun if you use the repeater to kill the viper gangers

  3. Oh yes. The repeater would definitely be my second favorite, with the first being the survivalists rifle. And the third being the mysterious magnum.

  4. I loved the look and feel of the hunting rifle in 4, but it was a bit weak compared to the other rifles. Would have worked well with a damage bump and maybe being scope only to offset it. They could really have done with a decent legendary one, instigating or even deadeye for easier non vats headshots.

  5. The fully upgraded Holorifle from Dead Money. That weapon is my sole reason for always making an Energy Weapons character.

  6. I love the fallout series and have read up on all the lore from the fallout pc exclusive games, but I’m not able to play them because I don’t have a gaming pc maybe someday /:

  7. Although I basically never use it, I greatly prefer the laser RCW to the laser autos in 4/76 (even though 4:76’s version make a bit more sense).

  8. I don’t have Wi-Fi at the moment so I haven’t been able to play 76 expect for maybe 30 minutes of it when it first came out and was bugged to hell/:

  9. Omfg yes I love this answer I remember this gun from one of my 1st fallout 3 play throughs I don’t think I’ve ever went back and got this gun since then. I’m so glad they made a variation of the shitty Chinese pistol and I can’t believe I forgot about it until now

  10. Backwater rifle another gun I haven’t used much, thanks mate I’ll have to play with it a little.

  11. I can't really remember all the weapons because I'm playing the games again for the first time in like 7 years (I didn't have a system to play them on for a long time). I'm playing New Vegas at the minute doing a guns and explosives build and I quite like the service rifle and the grenade rifle. I also recently got the grenade machine gun but haven't really used it yet. I generally prefer more traditional guns over the laser ones because I have a bit of an interest in real guns (though I don't own any irl).

  12. Q whatever matter modulator and Fisto in F3 where VATS was basically a requirement. The flamer was actually good due to diffs in damage calculation from nv and 4. Junk jet was decent in F3 as well and really fun to use. My only non-vats build was a heavy weapon guy. Also terrible shotgun or the metal blaster just vapourising everything because of the glitch in the way crits worked out of vats.

  13. I can't pick just one that's way to hard. If I had to choose one gun from 3 or NV then I'll go the repeater from F3 Lincolns repeater I remember the only bad thing about it was you couldn't repair it until that dlc came out then it became a monster in my hands.

  14. Katana (GRA) with mods from gun runners. I could slice through a lot of legionaires with it when I wasnt using my service rifle. Killed Caesar with it too.

  15. I remember the first time I used the railway rifle I dismembered a raiders arm and pinned it to a wall. I thought "that is so brutal and awesome and I love it."

  16. Railway rifle is really cool, speaking of crafted guns from fo3 the dart gun would have been a great gun to use in new Vegas to slow down the death claws and cazadors

  17. Hard question to answer really BC there’s a bunch of weapons I like in FNV and FO3 so I tend to carry a small loadout of weapons and what I don’t carry I store for later use in a different loadout.

  18. Gobi Campaign Sniper Rifle. Always trying to get Jury rigging at lvl14 and pushed hack to 90 as fast as possible with a magazine to open the chest for it. Then proceed to snipe the legion camp into non-existence

  19. Eugene, even though I never used it again after getting Vengeance. Ripping through Olney and the Deathclaw sanctuary with it was so fun.

  20. i’m a slut for energy weapon builds so probably A3-21’s plasma rifle in 3 and the Q-35 Matter Modulator in NV. close second is Wazer Wifle, Biwwy is the only tolerable child in little lamplight lmao

  21. I really liked the Tesla Cannon and Gauss Rifle in Fallout 3 when I originally played it. Having replayed it recently I found the weapoms to be pretty underwhelming and many of which are unusable when playing Very Hard.

  22. Lincoln Repeater in Fallout 3 the one you get in the Lincoln museum also the Gauss Rifle in fallout 3 and New Vegas. Third one would be both the Fat Man and Experimental MIRV in fallout 3

  23. Though ammo is very limited, I can never be disappointed in the Fat Man. Chucking a mini nuke at a super mutant behemoth is never not fun.

  24. For 3 I have a weird soft spot for the Perforator I know it’s not the best gun in the game but there’s something about it I can’t help but like as for New Vegas it’s Medicine Stick not even a contest

  25. Fallout 3: The Axe from Point Lookout, the OG Gauss Rifle, the Shishkebab and the Radscorpion Dart Gun. ESPECIALLY the Dart Gun; that gun is ridiculously OP, it looks silly, and the parts are impossible to find, but it has saved my life on multiple occasions.

  26. My FO3 progression is usually 10MM pistol, then using hunting rifle, then Xuanlong assault rifle/A3-21's plasma rifle combo.

  27. Sprtel-wood 9700 with max charge electron chrage pack, im one of the few who loves big guns and power armors in New Vegas, i just love the green beams of death and scorching my enemies till they turn to ash in the Mojave Desert 🔥

  28. The survivalists rifle from the new vegas honest hearts dlc. I enjoyed every terminal entry on the guns owner. Very interesting and tragic lore.

  29. lincoln's repeater from fallout 3 and Love & hate from new vegas (love & hate needs to come back as it was in new vegas)

  30. Bit of a plain choice, but I'm just a sucker for the FO3/NV plasma rifle, idk why. Also a fan of 76's pump action shotgun, with its decent rate of fire, pretty good damage, and quickly turns into (in my opinion at least) one of the best early game weapons, especially with perks.

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