The biggest myth in gaming history

  1. It would have been so freaking easy to be true to that statement. Make it a team round, but with only one team. As long as the players get like 300 parts before the time runs out, everyone wins.

  2. I was hoping this would be how it worked, since Silence needs pieces collected by us all as a community.

  3. First, I know I’m not the best player at this game. I don’t play it to be good. I play it to have fun. That said, during normal times I can easily survive these three maps we're given. But now, during the Satellite wad collection mayhem party, my survival instincts have been thrown overboard and my thirst for these stupid bubbles is all that matters. Getting three wins a day for me is a real challenge because I just GOT to have that bubble that’s hanging over dead space and I have to gleefully and stupidly leap to my death in the slime followed by an inevitable rage quit.

  4. Lul I had a game yesterday where no pieces spawned in the rolloff level. Everyone got eliminated when the time expired.

  5. I’ve had several rounds of this show load with zero bubbles between yesterday and today. TONS of glitches… but the challenges related to this show? Clearly they think they made it “too easy.” I’m gonna go perish of a fatal eyeroll now.

  6. I kinda wish they'd made it more like, can't remember the map name but the one with the rotating floor they are using for it, that map but you carry parts from one side to the other to deliver them and X amount of parts to complete the level as a team, or use levels like the Knight one to carry parts from start to the finish also with the X parts as a team.

  7. i hate that they felt the need to make this mode.. id have loved hex-a-gravity (Or gon) or sweet thieves so much more than this F U lol

  8. I wish they had went more survival instead of hunt. It would have been so much easier (and newbie-friendly) if we just had to survive til the end to win, and they threw in optional bubbles to pick up at our own pace.

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